Summer Event, New Game Mode, and Skins | LoL Pls - League of Legends

League’s executive producer Safelocked shares details on the upcoming Sentinels of Light event and accompanying game mode, Ultimate Spellbook. Then we talk thematics with the product lead on skins, Riot Eggo McLego.


0:00 - Intro
0:11 - Sentinels of Light Event
1:18 - Game Modes
1:47 - Ultimate Spellbook
2:33 - Thematics Check-In
3:35 - Skins Across Games
4:50 - Thematic Vote Update
5:53 - One More Thing…

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  • Mortadha
    Mortadha5 napja


  • welp
    welp5 napja

    Please bring back modes and events

  • AKO SI WIEX Christian Joseph Aseneta
    AKO SI WIEX Christian Joseph Aseneta6 napja

    I love LOL. 💗

  • Spoon Legend
    Spoon Legend7 napja

    Disgusting company

  • nu
    nu9 napja

    Lunar beast was cool it just didn't have an event. And no, giving us the same missions as always does not count as an event. It also must include a popular champ, that is coincidentally getting a buff.

  • Angel
    Angel9 napja


  • Islam ardjoune
    Islam ardjoune9 napja

    Instead of the same champs has new thematic

  • Islam ardjoune
    Islam ardjoune9 napja

    Can you make sentinel anivia pls or coven anivia

  • Islam ardjoune
    Islam ardjoune9 napja

    Saving runeterra with senna and lucian while there is anivia voli ornn swain morde lb and more powerful champion

  • Veljko Radulovic
    Veljko Radulovic10 napja

    fix the client and game pls

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


  • Iza
    Iza13 napja

    if there is a crime city nightmare akali but not a katarina one im going to lose my mind

  • Nyaruko-san
    Nyaruko-san15 napja

    How about LoL 2 where all champions and maps are reworked?

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov15 napja


  • Big Ross
    Big Ross15 napja

    "Let's make an immersive narrative in-client story...but you can only progress it via PvP games." Way to exclude TFT and Co-op versus AI players

  • Déjà Vu?
    Déjà Vu?15 napja

    Meanwhile our good boy Warwick still silently whimpering in the corner, weak and covered with bugs


    Well Please fix these mistakes or So you guys don't grow, We have to remember also the Pandas, Like True Damage? Give their songs? Pentakill despite the first Pentakill song already horrible, Please Riot We need Concertoo!!!

  • Jabar Laison
    Jabar Laison17 napja

    I hope Gwen shows up from wild rift

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov17 napja


  • Cedi Lean Diaz
    Cedi Lean Diaz17 napja


  • Nabe
    Nabe18 napja

    We should be able to play Dark Star: Singularity while in queue. I really would appreciate if League had some kind of casual activity while we wait, and that game mode fits about perfectly.

  • Alfredo Aguilar
    Alfredo Aguilar19 napja

    What if I could fight my allies as well?

  • Deathly Lotus
    Deathly Lotus19 napja

    Can I date Rengar on this year's dating sim?

  • kspr
    kspr19 napja

    Your new game mode is not fun plz give us odessy again

  • Sodafancyo
    Sodafancyo20 napja

    6:18 can someone pls make this a wallpaper on wallpaper engine

  • S-Cut
    S-Cut20 napja

    I like the idea of the new game mode, it's really cool for a few games, but in the end it's just a SR game...I lost interest after a few games and preferred to play ARAM... Nexus Blitz is cool because it's something else...I don't like Summoners Rift too much and always playing ARAM is a little bit monotone. It was a good time when league had 4 maps all the time and a few more in special events

  • Fi
    Fi20 napja

    Why was the sentinels event designed so you can't progress while playing TFT? I don't really have time to play both, it would've been nice to get at least a bit of progression on TFT matches

  • Fi
    Fi20 napja

    I know this probably isn't a very popular take, but i like special game modes to be more leaning towards fun crazy carefree gameplay, and i think this ultimate spellbook is a bit too oriented towards competitive play patterns. Most games i played were totally centered around objectives, it felt like i was playing ranked. I wish the gamemode didn't include that dragon feature, it kinda "ruined" the fun 4 me (pun intended hehe)

  • Spike the shredder
    Spike the shredder20 napja

    Come up with tons of new wombo combos! Just out of these 3...... so much for customization. New game mode feels like regular summoners rift with extra steps.

  • ThePan0
    ThePan020 napja

    Ultimate Spellbook is a Fail Mode!

  • Lym Tamayo
    Lym Tamayo20 napja

    so basically everyone is Sylas now in that game mode...

  • EAlexisMT92
    EAlexisMT9221 napja

    the game mode sounds very boring... makes it feel like you dont even want to try it.

  • DIN
    DIN21 napja

    This new mode is lame. It is all dependent on which random ults you get. Ults that synergize with the champ stomp ults that don't. This barely even a game mode. Are they even trying anymore?

  • La Mishi Mish
    La Mishi Mish21 napja

    If it's not Candy Kayn I'm gonna riot. :') Yes, pun intended.

  • 魚金
    魚金21 napja


  • alex
    alex21 napja

    just a daily reminder that wildrift exclusive is cringe, have a nice day

  • Delenil the WarThief
    Delenil the WarThief21 napja

    I'll not accept the change of MF. That's so out of character for her!

  • Francisco Chavez
    Francisco Chavez21 napja

    LoL is normally a team PvP (or TvT) game. As someone that hasn't played for a few years, I want to know if this event is some kind of solo-player campaign mode?

  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory21 napja

    Very cool video

  • Facundo Fernández
    Facundo Fernández21 napja

    I'm really happy about the game mode. When is it coming out?

  • shrek wazowski
    shrek wazowski21 napja

    When does the Event Start

  • Tristan Reyes
    Tristan Reyes22 napja

    It really doesnt make sense why Shen isnt joining the fight agaisnt the mist

    SIR WOLOLOLO22 napja

    Honnestly I just can't see how this can be funny ? I mean the base game is pretty frustrating ahaha so keep ur 3 dash singed i'll stick to normal game mode + bring back 3v3

  • T u n i e•
    T u n i e•22 napja


  • Prophet
    Prophet22 napja

    If it's not CandyKayn on Halloween, I'm gonna be pissed.

  • Wes Collins
    Wes Collins22 napja

    If i have to describe everything about this game in the last 3 - 4 years in one word : PATHETIC! But what can we expect, after youve been Bought-up by the Chinese.

  • CptDarimdam
    CptDarimdam22 napja

    Third Pentakill album when, hello?

  • Levi Levi
    Levi Levi22 napja

    Ascension game mode was the best

  • Loop 18
    Loop 1822 napja

    I feel like there has to be a reason for all these SR changes and additions to the map instead of making it available for all maps; what's going on? Is SR going dead and these are all desperate attempts to make people play it instead of ARAM or TFT?

  • LiveDieRespawn
    LiveDieRespawn23 napja

    Ah yes, my favorite champion: Wish.

  • Heee Lail
    Heee Lail23 napja

    @RiotGames u guys realize that u kill the game right?

  • Κωσταντής
    Κωσταντής23 napja

    WHEN new event starts?

  • Rebillion
    Rebillion23 napja


  • Minh Tróc
    Minh Tróc23 napja

    2:25 yeah, we already got Jhinzhao, Gragazhao, LuluXerath and EkkoSkarner.

  • Nhâm Trần
    Nhâm Trần23 napja

    Just please dont change the irelia!!!!!!!

  • Buddy Tibo
    Buddy Tibo23 napja

    just give me my twisted fate legendary in pc pleaase

  • Kyou Kamei
    Kyou Kamei23 napja

    PvE pl0xx

  • check out my soundcloud
    check out my soundcloud23 napja

    wait league and wild rift dont have the same champions?

  • Rocky
    Rocky23 napja

    Okay but I miss the winter theme

  • Hawkard
    Hawkard23 napja

    I just wanted a mode where you cuild build 10 items, you could call it Rune Wars and it would definitely be a banger of a gamemode

  • Vilxx Black
    Vilxx Black23 napja

    Safelocked gained weight.

  • Cj Kun
    Cj Kun23 napja

    Doom Bots of Doom we love that :)

  • Tenken08
    Tenken0823 napja


  • Intertwined Fate
    Intertwined Fate23 napja


  • Cosmin-Daniel Lupu
    Cosmin-Daniel Lupu23 napja

    Bring back the ascension game mode!

  • Hazel Owers
    Hazel Owers23 napja

    we just need different maps with different mechanics introduced to spice things up that are permanent so we dont have to play on summoners rift/ howling abyss all the time.

  • Pons Tan
    Pons Tan23 napja

    when she said KAYN, I shouted. alone. excited. in my room.....

  • Hyu
    Hyu23 napja

    I have been waiting over a 1000 days for this, as a Kayn main i would like to have a toast.

  • ♡undead kitsune♡
    ♡undead kitsune♡23 napja


  • Keln
    Keln23 napja

    Splatoo...Space groove... no thank you... That noire fantasy skinlin you asked us to vote for though... please do...

  • Gilles Notard
    Gilles Notard23 napja

    Lunar Beast would have been so much better if you gave us Lunar Beast Miss Fortune. Oh well, you gave it to the unwanted child. How do you want me to be happy without a rollerblade Miss Fortune on the game I've played for 8 years ??? And you can make Ruined Miss Fortune, she doesn't have rollerblade so she'll be boycott as well as all the other paid content.

  • DemonHyung
    DemonHyung23 napja

    Can we Please Have Battle Academia Zoe or Atleast Elderwood~

  • IndexChaos
    IndexChaos23 napja

    How about you guys add a mode where you can play League before season 5? You know before it got ruined?

  • D K
    D K23 napja

    bring back star guardian game mode/old tft sets

  • TheFireOfTheFox1 Huehuehue
    TheFireOfTheFox1 Huehuehue23 napja

    She really just took Gwen ult over Cho ult

  • Стефан Марсенић
    Стефан Марсенић23 napja

    You hype the best story of the lore imo, there will be no more opportunity better than this to give us back pve, atleast once...

  • geraldo vasques
    geraldo vasques23 napja


  • Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang23 napja

    crime city nightmare looks so similar to nightbringer

  • Blood Angel
    Blood Angel23 napja

    im sorry but the in game lunar beast models were trash, low quality what did you expect riot?

  • Shawn NHL
    Shawn NHL23 napja

    As a Kayn main I felt like I was gonna pass out when I watched the ending of the video

  • knightofnightside
    knightofnightside23 napja

    If this videl confirms anything then it is that lol has not only become a cesspool of toxicity which it has been for some years now but also for edgelords and weebs, rip

  • Only Zed
    Only Zed23 napja

    I am just here to say that the person that agreed on doing the prestige for project zed should be fired. But i do miss old skinlines and how they did those events, Like odyssey and star guardian, it was fun to just chill with ur 4 other friends and didnt need to rage cause the enemy was clapping you.

  • Singing Nuke

    Singing Nuke

    23 napja

    Why would you wish for someone to be fired during a pandemic? That’s kind of inconsiderate.

  • Sam GDP
    Sam GDP23 napja

    gamers still dont like ugly girls keep her behind the scenes and bring back models

  • Hảo Trần Minh
    Hảo Trần Minh23 napja

    Where is Clash mode?

  • Hroudberht Truc
    Hroudberht Truc23 napja

    What I ask myself is what would happen if Riot released another Odyssey game-like. (Spoilers, everyone would be happy about it)

  • yourmadwife
    yourmadwife23 napja

    i'm ok about letting Runeterra become Ruinterra

  • Killam Orl
    Killam Orl23 napja

    why is ambrielle talking like a doctor whos telling me I got cancer?

  • Pervy Mage
    Pervy Mage23 napja

    "what if you could use any ultimate on any champion" Kayle & Tryndamere both: We feel this might be a mistake, Riot Games™ also, Pentakill reboot cancellation confirmed. (joking)

  • Relaxation museum
    Relaxation museum 23 napja

    we wanna learn more about the MMORPG

  • Pota Życia
    Pota Życia23 napja


  • Abdelrahman Osama
    Abdelrahman Osama23 napja

    and when this mood will able too play

  • Abdelrahman Osama
    Abdelrahman Osama23 napja

    man we need the hexakille moode return back........

  • FilatkoxDD
    FilatkoxDD23 napja

    please nerf draven

  • Marcus Hinojosa
    Marcus Hinojosa23 napja

    i feels the EXCITED . . .O.O

  • Fly
    Fly23 napja

    How about old game modes like ascension or definitely not dominion instead boring modes like siege/blitz?How about QOL changes and fixes for bugs reported years ago?How about options to DISABLE "NEW FEATURES" that only annoy?

  • Rehman Rohan
    Rehman Rohan23 napja

    man I am falling love with league of legends

  • Alexander jardeberg
    Alexander jardeberg24 napja

    Dogshit team removing my comment cuz you know it's truth.

  • Angel Z
    Angel Z24 napja

    In hindsight what kind of lunatic sends or introduces someone to leauge of legends. Like why even mention that foul name in front of them. Sending another sacrifice to the suffering gods of the mind. league of legends has opened up my third eye and made me realize that I want to be happy in life. So in a way, league of legends has saved my existential question on why to continue on in life. So, thank you league of legends, you affected my life for the better. I dont hate u anymore...

  • Dregorin


    13 napja

    I do think you can improve yourself as a human being quite well in this game.

  • Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen24 napja

    Uhm, nice story

  • TBL Bananas
    TBL Bananas24 napja

    also give me Candy Kayne