Story So Far | Rise of the Sentinels - League of Legends

So, you want to know how Akshan saved the world?

Here’s your guide to the story so far-everything you’ll need to know to play Rise of the Sentinels, the in-client narrative experience in the Sentinels of Light 2021 event.

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  • 46raulfull
    46raulfull9 órája


  • RedLips

    1:18 league is trolling

  • AoffyDosy
    AoffyDosy5 napja

    Gwen : Hey , I fight them too.

  • John Frederick Esco
    John Frederick Esco6 napja

    Akshan sounds like luis from the Ant Man 😅

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • EnjoyGengar
    EnjoyGengar7 napja

    burst damage stops viego 5Head :)

  • TheFireLizard
    TheFireLizard8 napja

    After watching the video, I noticed Gwen wasn’t present, what is her role in the ruination.

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


  • Mr. Spark Plays
    Mr. Spark Plays13 napja

    "Silly man, Only Akshan can do this." ROAST 99999

  • Lexus Aguirre
    Lexus Aguirre13 napja

    1:55 a leaked of a new champion named Vex

  • Darhon9
    Darhon914 napja

    Wheres Mordekaiser in this

  • Đëimøs
    Đëimøs15 napja

    Will my boy Jax become a sentinel and help save the world or is he busy minding his own void-battling bussineses?

  • idan rom
    idan rom15 napja

    "wanted to bring her back from death. Silly man, only Akshan can do this." and the madlads went ahead and actually made it so.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy16 napja

    Akshan: Viego? I could take him.. Senna: In a fight, right? Akshan: ... Senna: In A FiGhT RiGhT?!?!?

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov17 napja


  • Olivia Cooper
    Olivia Cooper17 napja

    "his youthful form" aka the magic mike of darkness

  • Gaming is my Life
    Gaming is my Life18 napja

    0:31 Putting this here cuz i think this has good meme potential.

  • Fan de manga
    Fan de manga18 napja

    Really Hope they will be a way to play for shadow isle side ;_; It's really looks cool and all but i'm really more on shadow isle side than anything lol

  • Fan de manga

    Fan de manga

    16 napja

    @nieooj gotoy well viego did retrieve Isolde's soul shard from Senna so i don't think he want to share. Neither is Lucian But yeah i'm asking myself this question too, how did they merge in that lantern

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    16 napja

    Was it because for some reason Isolde and Senna's soul kindda merged inside thresh's lantern ? Oh jeez, hope Lucian and Verigo are ok sharing a wife....

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi18 napja

    Akshan: Viego? I could take him.. Senna: In a fight, right? Akshan: ... Senna: In A FiGhT RiGhT?!?!?

  • Eryk Zubkiewicz
    Eryk Zubkiewicz18 napja

    Akshan sound like charakter from Monty Python THIS GAREN IS JUST PERFECT XD

  • Brave Victory
    Brave Victory18 napja

    Cool trailer.

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    18 napja

    raj koothrapali

  • Haris Pc
    Haris Pc19 napja

    *He wore the crown of the knight sentinel, and those who taste the bite of his sword name him......the Akshan

  • Phạm Hoàng
    Phạm Hoàng19 napja

    so white man (viego) is evil. black couple (lucian + senna) is rebel. white woman (vayne) come to support black guys. asian man ( ahshan) tells the story. this is what biased game taught us

  • Ghabriabdou


    11 napja

    Why are you making this about race lmao???

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo19 napja

    "Only Akshan can do this" - Possible Foreshadowing D:

  • Yumemi Jabami
    Yumemi Jabami19 napja

    Because of the release of 2 sentinels in wildrift their story hooked my attention

  • кибержаба
    кибержаба19 napja

    как всегда спасибо за русские субтитры

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes20 napja

    Matthew 19:26 "All things are possible with God"❤️❤️

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    19 napja

    Cute norra at the end:)

  • Ashlee Mae
    Ashlee Mae20 napja

    Still wanting to know where Yorick is??? This is his lore...

  • Alex Ж.З
    Alex Ж.З20 napja

    so.... Ruination part 1: Senna and lucian recruit sentinels Ruination part 2: Sentinels VS viego (then sentinels losed) Ruination part 3: Sentinels and Akshan revive Isolde ...... and then Final battle? hha

  • Christian Brylle
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  • chue dynasty
    chue dynasty21 napja

    My man just lost his girl, that's all

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon21 napja

    "his uhh... 'youthful' form" Garren: I like men now

  • Donald J . Trump
    Donald J . Trump21 napja

    Was it because for some reason Isolde and Senna's soul kindda merged inside thresh's lantern ? Oh jeez, hope Lucian and Verigo are ok sharing a wife....

  • Phenomenal
    Phenomenal21 napja

    When we will see an official movie that has such great cinematic Riotgames? 2030? ^^

  • MoonLightLady Hild
    MoonLightLady Hild21 napja

    Aladin meets Prince of Persia? I like it!

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    21 napja

    */chuckles silly man

  • aidahreeves
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  • Nandakishore N
    Nandakishore N21 napja

    raj koothrapali

  • Ronald Emmanuel Cruz
    Ronald Emmanuel Cruz21 napja

    the amount of gayness when he mentioned viego returning to his youthful form lmao

  • Carmen Sylvia Alejandro
    Carmen Sylvia Alejandro21 napja

    Riot just keeps making awesomeness, it's becoming too much to handle.

  • Neil Magsino
    Neil Magsino21 napja

    Soooooo the queen was also inside the lantern??

  • Risqi Ahmad Ardiyansyah
    Risqi Ahmad Ardiyansyah21 napja

    Cute norra at the end:)

  • The Xextreem
    The Xextreem21 napja

    People play this game?

  • Jesi Ash
    Jesi Ash21 napja

    Ugh... I would rather side with spooky island

  • Mona Cheema
    Mona Cheema21 napja

    It's always the soundtrack that's just on point.

  • YamiiWolf
    YamiiWolf21 napja

    veigo is such a badass that they need to get +10 champs to stop him .... 1 v 9 indeed

  • KRD FreeStyle
    KRD FreeStyle21 napja

    doesnt this sound like assassin's creed? the story of akshan and altair?!

  • dudacortat
    dudacortat21 napja


  • xD


    20 napja

    Nope She's Vex

  • lawrence F
    lawrence F21 napja

    Hey, guys as a player and fan I would like to say something about Viego, and just to be clear here this is not an argument so it is okay if any of you are not agree with me. The way I see it, I'm not labeling Viego as a pure villain, I'm not labeling him that way, he more to be a villain who is being hurt actually, because before he is who he is now he actually a very good king. This whole started when he lost his wife Isolde, and trying to bring her back to life but he failed and ended up cause the ruination and turns him into some kind of "undead entity" that also give him that supernatural power and wandering around across the runeterra to find his wife. What I'm saying is that I'm not justifying and rationalize his action corrupting everyone and everywhere he goes but I do hope that one day he will get what he wants. Maybe what he needs is someone who can actually help him but now his heart is full of rage, vengeance, and despair. Feeling that life is so unfair to him by taking his beloved wife from him.

  • lem on9
    lem on921 napja

    SO.....where the f is thresh in the new event?

  • A.Q. Rose
    A.Q. Rose21 napja

    */chuckles silly man

  • Monke degenerate
    Monke degenerate21 napja

    this is so badass tho...

  • alex
    alex21 napja

    just a daily reminder that wildrift exclusive is cringe, have a nice day

  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed21 napja

    The people who write lore are the ones deciding new champs and buffs/nerfs not devs.

  • Key Keeper
    Key Keeper21 napja

    Now I have a feeling like Akshan is one of these cheeky wanderers who would take all the achievements of forgotten heroes to himself

  • Akko
    Akko21 napja

    so like whats happening in zaun and piltover I feel like they completely forgot those places exist

  • Death Line
    Death Line21 napja

    Akshan is the assasins creed the league of legends

  • Ild lyn
    Ild lyn21 napja

    no one cares

  • Envyous
    Envyous21 napja

    can i join ruination instead?

  • Tyler Paolucci
    Tyler Paolucci21 napja

    Yall its July 8th press the go button

  • Mr Louloudios
    Mr Louloudios21 napja


  • Krixkrax
    Krixkrax21 napja

    Dear Akshan, bless you, that cut at 1:20 is pure gold. Thanks.

  • Michael Kenn Peduhan
    Michael Kenn Peduhan21 napja

    ahh yes another video that gives you the "goosebumps" and instinctively whistling for how great it is

  • Yashihira Kun
    Yashihira Kun21 napja

    A Disney Character has added in League of legends 😂😂😂

  • alida flus
    alida flus21 napja

    hey, sage are sentinels too, that's mean she's- wrong game, nevermind...

  • Le Phan Hao Le
    Le Phan Hao Le21 napja

    Yone be like: 👍

  • Dangerous Jones
    Dangerous Jones21 napja

    Can Marvel stop trippin around with the old super heros and start getting LOL's Movie together?!?

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    21 napja

    player reading this, be PREPARED TO LOSE EVERY GAME AND DIE MANY TIMES to SMURFS who enjoy dominating you for their pleasure. QUIT THIS GAME while you are ne

  • akirazero Rodriguez
    akirazero Rodriguez21 napja

    I hope lux can have one too cause she has light magic thoo

  • Shahin Gh. M
    Shahin Gh. M22 napja

    stop create champion from no where lets check "Shahnameh" and see how many fiction story in there and learn how to make a story and stop be racist and create a hero like price of Persia

  • Sonny
    Sonny22 napja

    0:28 Before: Heh heh bring people back to life ,oKaY??!!😆 Now after the champion teaser: 👁👄👁

  • Legend
    Legend22 napja

    1:22 goddamit this got me laughing


    Akshan lost avenger

  • IG: Mamorate
    IG: Mamorate22 napja

    Akshan is literally Robin Sylas Hood

  • Asados _
    Asados _22 napja

    pls fix your champs before new once

  • Moon Baby
    Moon Baby22 napja

    I love when he says Berserk

  • Jesús Corrales
    Jesús Corrales22 napja

    He's going to bring back Isolde.

  • RKGaming
    RKGaming22 napja

    is this event going to be big as spirit blossom

  • Bilal Kiani
    Bilal Kiani22 napja

    Lets get veigos uncle vlad to give him a beating for being a bad boi please :$

  • BrothaKyo
    BrothaKyo22 napja

    If his Eternals are not "Lights, Camera, AKSHAN" or "Call to AKSHAN", I'm going to be upset. :x

  • aazizul 2
    aazizul 222 napja

    So... Its all because of hecarim

  • Lean Alpech
    Lean Alpech22 napja

    Logic for grappling hook please

  • Eduardo Bidot
    Eduardo Bidot22 napja

    Oh so Viego is op in game and in the lore cool

  • Rocketeer Steele
    Rocketeer Steele22 napja

    Riot, your game is broken. Matchmaking algorithm is broken; champions BROKEN, Items BROKEN. Game is BROKEN, you are not listening to your players to fix the problem and you are UNABLE to control SMURFS. Your playerbase is DYING because SMURF Challengers, Diamonds and Platinums is FARMING your new players. If you are new player reading this, be PREPARED TO LOSE EVERY GAME AND DIE MANY TIMES to SMURFS who enjoy dominating you for their pleasure. QUIT THIS GAME while you are new

  • Lucky Asiatskii
    Lucky Asiatskii22 napja

    Why all new champs supermobility?) Rework Nasus! Dog need W how R Vai.

  • Arnold Miguel Portuguez
    Arnold Miguel Portuguez22 napja

    They’re basically Avengers in the League Universe

  • シナ玫天使* ch.!
    シナ玫天使* ch.!22 napja

    I am so excited to be able to play akshan HE LOOKS SO FUN

  • Pheonix Gaming
    Pheonix Gaming22 napja

    Riot plss create a movie cinematec in lol plssss

  • Wind Helm
    Wind Helm22 napja

    Can't wait for Viego to meet Mordekaiser in lore

  • xD


    22 napja

    Mordekaiser is in Death Realm.

  • Patrick Opiela
    Patrick Opiela22 napja

    where does gwen come into play

  • Lance
    Lance22 napja

    This give me chills

  • Iceman etika
    Iceman etika22 napja

    Nobody talking about the new yordle champ in the art i guess

  • Kulitan Vlogs
    Kulitan Vlogs22 napja

    I love the attitude of arkshan, its so confident

  • huy võ
    huy võ22 napja

    So akshan also want to bring back his loved one? But not like viego's way i think

  • Atrophy Studios
    Atrophy Studios22 napja

    This is the weirdest Story So Far song ever

  • 23V1nci~
    23V1nci~22 napja

    Braum and akshan could be good friend

  • Mariska Marica
    Mariska Marica22 napja

    Draven got a new friend

  • KumokoLOL
    KumokoLOL22 napja

    Viego's nightmare

  • s p
    s p22 napja

    XD pls stop continue creating more lore Riot, singles etc no more merchandising... That your game will be remember like “League of Toxixity" *,* work in improve about it pls. Focus in the game not in the money... Omg

  • ramiro rodriguez
    ramiro rodriguez22 napja

    So they didn't have enough budget left to use Nasus' golden voice to narrate the story?

  • GigAkuma
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  • codebracker
    codebracker22 napja

    He sounds like that weasel from ice age