Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun | Champion Theme - League of Legends

Listen to the official theme for Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun.

Listen Now: found.ee/drmundothemadman
Spotify: found.ee/mundo-spotify
Apple Music: found.ee/mundo-applemusic
Amazon Music: found.ee/mundo-amazonmusic
HUbase Music: found.ee/mundo-youtube
Deezer: found.ee/mundo-deezer
Cellos by: David Low, Tim Loo, and Cameron Stone
Bass by: Eric Shetzen
Music By: Robert Allaire
Executive Producer and Music Supervision by: Riot Music Team

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  • 「THE개미」
    「THE개미」9 órája

    나만이거 기괴하냐?

  • Matthew
    Matthew2 napja

    So nice of twitch to join in on this one with his violin

  • WoofWizard
    WoofWizard9 napja

    lets be honest, anything is better than him post-rework they couldve at least given him 3 arms

  • Ju To
    Ju To11 napja

    1:58 this first splash Art Skizze ist amazing. I like the mundo vibe

  • PiercedVeil
    PiercedVeil12 napja

    seeing all these concepts makes me really wish mundos final design would be alot crazier than what we have now. its weird to me. most reworks strive to keep the original essence of the champ, something new while still beeing basicly the same champ. but to me, mundo feels like they kept too much from the original and didnt stray too far from what he was. it kinda feels like a visual update alone if i conpare ot to other reworks that dodnt stray too far from the original.

  • Hexxenian Luminen
    Hexxenian Luminen13 napja

    2:37 Mundo Basphemous?

  • Vermoria Kyle Alf Bloodfang
    Vermoria Kyle Alf Bloodfang14 napja

    Why does it sounds like the violin is broken? 😂

  • Kawaki
    Kawaki17 napja

    The Riot music Team never disappoint :)

  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory21 napja

    Awesome video

  • D3NS0NS Gaming
    D3NS0NS Gaming21 napja

    I like this soundtrack .

  • D3NS0NS Gaming

    D3NS0NS Gaming

    21 napja

    And i dont mind about what people say , i kinda fine with new visual update.

  • Sam
    Sam24 napja


  • Cute Cat
    Cute Cat24 napja

    Hand Mundo is perfection

  • Marco Antônio Borges
    Marco Antônio Borges26 napja

    Eu amei a música tema, ficou parecendo trilha sonora de filme de terror!

  • 더버크
    더버크26 napja

    컨셉아트 ㅈㄴ 무섭내

  • RobroFriend
    RobroFriend27 napja

    I love that his theme is menacing and horrifying but has random lapses that almost feels like the song can't pay attention and gets distracted. Perfectly encapsulates our goofy murder hobo who doesn't realize he's doing anything wrong.

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze27 napja

    I for one have loved all the updated designs and move sets it makes the world more fleshed out

  • Hell-Boy
    Hell-Boy29 napja

    vai tomar no cu riot esse boneco e imorrivel desgrçado vao se foder

  • Ivy
    Ivy29 napja

    Mundo is scarying me alot with this music god help me

  • Huthaifa Zeidan
    Huthaifa ZeidanHónapja

    1:09 anyone else notice the kindlegem and refill potion in his satchel

  • mati salinas
    mati salinasHónapja

    these themes of champs are so beautiful, i love them

  • Yoda

    he's just doing his best :( all he wants is to help

  • Jacob Renner
    Jacob RennerHónapja

    Scary theme 1.Fiddle sticks 2.Dr.Mundo 3.Thresh

  • Xayah roasted me
    Xayah roasted meHónapja

    one of the worst rework ever tbh, also his Lore changes are boring nothing special at all

  • a talkative lasagna
    a talkative lasagnaHónapja

    most of those concept arts are better than the design they chose for the actual rework

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock HolmesHónapja

    Matthew 19:26 "All things are possible with God"☺️

  • MatqLorens

    This has some of Little Nightmares vibes and I love it

  • Kalascreeper

    Getting mad vampyr vibes

  • Crimson Raptors
    Crimson RaptorsHónapja

    i love the work riot is doing but please i beg add a monster champion and not half human

  • Gigi Schuster
    Gigi SchusterHónapja

    As an Indigenous person I'd love them to bring Native Indigenous characters of legend into RIOT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. So many legends of 1st Nations I'm Odowa Algonquin Ojibwe and Kickapoo on my parents sides, and there are scary monster legends told by our ancestors that would be amazing if put as RIOT Character in LOL. I hope one day my dream of this acknowledgement for those lol players of 1st Nations. If you can bring culture myth and urban legends to this game, why not some from the indigenous culture 1st Nations Native Culture.

  • Binary Digit
    Binary DigitHónapja

    That new Dead by Daylight killer is insane!

  • Dr. Mundo
    Dr. MundoHónapja


  • Donald J . Trump
    Donald J . TrumpHónapja

    2:17 Ryze remake accidentaly revealled ...

    BLACK BUNNYHónapja


  • street wolves
    street wolvesHónapja

    you can make a horror movie out of this character and it wouldn't look out of place.

  • Sami Franco
    Sami FrancoHónapja

    i truly miss Logging screens please riot give them back XD

  • LanokirX

    I like this! He went from being just goofy to actually look terrifying and scary.

  • D Harris
    D HarrisHónapja

    is this tyler1

  • Aksanti Tshimang
    Aksanti TshimangHónapja

    Mundo's story is a tragedy

  • Loc

    0:41 Mundo phóng lợn ?

  • Quân DB
    Quân DBHónapja

    0:42 CREEPER!

  • Neco

    2:57 okay, the theme is pretty creepy, but that axe just vibing across the screen kinda killed me


    El único en español xd

  • Sauen play
    Sauen playHónapja


  • Fadoxmeister

    "Precision, is what makes the difference, between a butcher, and a surgeon." -Camille

  • Ameng Maling Sendal
    Ameng Maling SendalHónapja

    He look handsome

  • vinke so
    vinke soHónapja

    00:43 ZA HANDOOO

  • HollowSummoner

    its basically a theme for the POV of the guy running away from mundo in his asylum 0:00 till 0:50 you are walking around the asylum to find the exist 0:50 till 1:30 you are realisiing ur not alone and there is this huge purple thing walking around 1:30 till 2:30 he saw you but you managed to run away and are trying to hide around the building and he is searching for you everywhere and getting closer and closer to your place 2:30 till 3:14 he found you and you run away as fast as you can meanwhile he is chasing you you see the "exist" sign and are relieved but he is very close and about to catch up you around the corner and there is the EXIST you almost did it .... now the ending is open ... the question is did you make it out? or did he catch you right before?

  • yunus baydar
    yunus baydarHónapja

    Artık Nasusu da reworkleyin

  • yunus baydar

    yunus baydar


    @Can Caliskan q su 9 lvlde mana istemese yada oynanış mekaniği değişsin isterdim

  • yunus baydar

    yunus baydar


    @Can Caliskan Dostum yeni gelen bir çok heronun pasifinin bile pasifi var ve eski herolarının pasifleri yetenekleri konulmak için konulmuş mesela e yada pasifi hatta mana değerleri bile olur mesela mana değeri 0 olsa ne biliyim her 100 stackda zırh buyu drenci gelse yada mana yenilenmesi olsun isterdim

  • yunus baydar

    yunus baydar


    @Can Caliskan Dostum ana hesabımda 500 yan hesaplarımda 300 ve 200 k nasusum var

  • Can Caliskan

    Can Caliskan


    @yunus baydar evet ama sana hic nasus q ile 709 vurmamıştır ama bazi seylere buff gelmesi gerekiyor rework değil

  • yunus baydar

    yunus baydar


    @Can Caliskan pasifi eski ve basit(CAN çalma) ,R si eski ve kötü sadece stat veriyor, yeni sezon ile birlikte mana sorunu aşırı belli ettiriyor tanklık konusunda oyunda çok fazla hasar var , nasusun güçlenmesi ve işe yaraması çok uzun sürede gerçekleşiyor ama oyunlar uzun sürmüyor (umarım açıklayıcı olmuşumdur)

  • Ömer Kaya
    Ömer KayaHónapja

    2:51 what's that thing on the right ?

  • Technicist

    everyone is talking about the hand mundo at 0:43 but not the amazing creepy sound effect that plays at 0:43

  • Gwyneth Cliff
    Gwyneth CliffHónapja

    Fun fact: Mundo means "world" in Filipino.

  • Nur Hakim
    Nur HakimHónapja

    He look more human like now

  • Frostery

    Sad Dr Hando didn't make it

  • Frostery

    Loved it! Tho I haven't watch it with sounds

  • Ofxzh Urhsvi
    Ofxzh UrhsviHónapja

    Plague doctor mundo

  • Geek Ssbu
    Geek SsbuHónapja

    Please nerf mundo

  • Random

    mundo Crosfit

  • casper5314

    The music must be inspired by composer: Alfred Schittke. Check him on youtube if you like this genre.

  • Deep & soft

    Deep & soft



  • Norbert Ward
    Norbert WardHónapja

    I had predicted this a few months back...

  • Noma

    Riot give me new darkin pls

  • tobi

    now im playing lol withound sound

  • Ryi Newman
    Ryi NewmanHónapja

    This music theme is DOPE AF. GJ Riot

  • Μάριος

    New dr mundo? Add this in wild rift

  • Zukigi Nagato
    Zukigi NagatoHónapja

    Hmmm... the music seems off when i think about the goofy Mundo... I know lore wise has its reasons and there's nothing funny about him on a rl perspective, but... he's too goofy on game...

  • Bloody Gordon
    Bloody GordonHónapja

    Now mundo is more of a daddy he is like.....grandpa

  • Alexis

    He looks like a character from GORILLAZ

  • T Thrasher
    T ThrasherHónapja

    2:37 B! And the very first one!

  • Carnage 068
    Carnage 068Hónapja

    Thank you guys for not removing Mundo.

  • Taco D Cecina
    Taco D CecinaHónapja

    long live the nurse raccoon

  • GENOCIDE2099

    hand mundo is freaky. i hope it becomes a champion.

  • Stary Starej
    Stary StarejHónapja

    similar music like in dishonored games

  • Benyi El alquimista
    Benyi El alquimistaHónapja

    sois un fraude! solo pensais en el dinero y no arreglais los grandes errores del juego, ni balanceais bien a los jugadores, ni castigais a los toxicos ni nada! fraude!!

  • a Stealthy guy
    a Stealthy guyHónapja


  • Richard Yok
    Richard YokHónapja

    0:42 Za Hando!!!

  • Somoyan

    I love it nice atmosphere

  • Digling

    Is this a new member of Gorillaz?

  • PhaseRunner

    0:42 creeper mundo lmao

  • Jeffy Yu
    Jeffy YuHónapja

    giving me 12 monkeys vibe

  • ChickenNugget-Chan

    sound like it would be in COD zombies, i love it

  • Centeno Markyy
    Centeno MarkyyHónapja

    Fiddlesticks: ohh yess this is what I've been waiting for

  • Spook Skellington
    Spook SkellingtonHónapja

    This plays in my head whenever Riot announces a new champ with broken horrible mechanics



  • akaGoodBoy

    The one fuzzy slipper, and rabid nurse raccoon. Couldn't have asked for a better outro.

  • Alex S
    Alex SHónapja

    My man's got that s h a r p jawline.

  • Bodnamax

    Mundovers looks like Gene from alladin

  • Daniel Drabik
    Daniel DrabikHónapja

    It reminds me too much of the Joker. The music from Bathroom Scene is just between the notes

  • Avegti Ozell
    Avegti OzellHónapja

    It's just endgame professor hulk with extra steps

  • ImOffended

    "Wow, there must be some insane other designs for him" **HAND**

  • olaf oynamak
    olaf oynamakHónapja

    1:36 we want the black cat

  • Berneken

    We need a gym skinline with other champs like darius and garen in the background 2:22 xd

  • Dylan Warren
    Dylan WarrenHónapja

    I like to think that Dr. Mundo looked like each and every one of these designs at different points in his life during experimentation.

  • Conforzo
    Conforzo Hónapja

    This is like creating a library of leitmotifs for all characters. If Riot was really daring they would commission a symphony or opera with all these themes being used.

  • Somethingelse

    loving it

  • ViolettSchafLP

    Yeeessss, they added this theme to the home screen, feels a bit like old login screens ;_;

  • jesus morales
    jesus moralesHónapja

    Mundo in game: 🤡🤙 Mundo Lore: 😭👹💀

  • natt

    Tantos buenos diseños para que escogieran uno totalmente plano, igual se mantuvo la esencia del champ así que nada mal rito

  • Alejandro Lagos
    Alejandro LagosHónapja

    The new theme of Dr Mundo scare me something in the night...

  • No Name impotant live
    No Name impotant liveHónapja

    if Riot ever make a Outlast horror ish game mundo would be a perfet fit or Urgot

  • Totally Toaster
    Totally ToasterHónapja

    Dr. Mundo The Chadman of Zaun

  • valentin uriel tovar zavala
    valentin uriel tovar zavalaHónapja

    Hubiera querido ver mas del dr.mundo mano xd