Sentinels of Light | Official Music Theme 2021 - League of Legends

Listen to the official music theme for the Sentinels of Light 2021.

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League of Legends - “Sentinels of Light”
Solo Cello by: Cameron Stone
Music mixed by: Adam Michalak
Music by: Riot Music Team

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  • Vinsen Sitohang
    Vinsen Sitohang10 órája

    Outta another event just to promote their Music.

  • [P]oTaTo

    bro I really wanted to know where I can find the event songs that play while we play, there are parts that play a very calm song on the guitar and I really wanted to know this music name

  • Mohan Sunabhat Rai
    Mohan Sunabhat RaiNapja

    One of the best theme ever 🖤🖤🖤

  • Black Fulls
    Black FullsNapja


  • Pixel
    Pixel2 napja

    Sentinels... ASSEMBLE!

  • Klaus Wendt
    Klaus Wendt2 napja

    Ich mögen bananen

  • Klaus Wendt

    Klaus Wendt

    2 napja

    Ich auch

  • Duyệt Phạm
    Duyệt Phạm2 napja

    22h36 3/27/7/2021

  • Chargeman Kenshiro
    Chargeman Kenshiro2 napja

    This soundtrack have the feel of Star Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean, JJBA part 3 (specifically battle of Egypt arc) and Marvel Cinematic Universe finale.. all in one.. how did they do that?!

  • Bread
    Bread3 napja

    This just makes me think of all the potential events we could see in the future with stuff like the return of Mordekaiser, the void and icathia, the lunari solari conflict, the world of the black rose, the storyline of jhin in Piltover with akali and Shen, the eventual release of arcane, and the story of the shadow magic with zed, and many more potential storylines I’m sure I’ve forgotten about.



  • Morgan Reichel
    Morgan Reichel5 napja

    The last part with Vayne revealing the sentinel symbol on the ground. It is so nostalgic. She was meant to be a sentinel

  • Lhance Ganzon
    Lhance Ganzon6 napja

    I really wish riot make a ruination movie

  • saxophone s

    saxophone s

    4 napja

    We're getting a whole game tho

  • happy amumu
    happy amumu7 napja

    sentinel pyke is worth it

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • Prashaya Shrestha
    Prashaya Shrestha7 napja

    this reminds me of avatar the last air bender

  • Kevin Joseph
    Kevin Joseph7 napja

    Welcome to Summoner's Rift

  • 탑유미
    탑유미7 napja

    I love this magnificent song!!

  • yadayada
    yadayada8 napja

    is shen gonna take part on this? i mean the world is kinda off balance because of viego

  • TheCreator
    TheCreator8 napja

    I love the this theme Musician makes the them action dramatic theme

  • 옹스타 OngStar
    옹스타 OngStar9 napja

    Wow very Good Song

  • ctmm
    ctmm9 napja

    Xd no sabía que seguían sacando después de quitar los login screen

  • renzo roldán
    renzo roldán9 napja

    1:33 that part is so beatiful

  • Frozen Heart
    Frozen Heart9 napja

    Why is there helicopter lol

  • Mavis
    Mavis9 napja

    1:33 why does that melody sound so familiar? I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere

  • Rakean


    5 napja

    Its already teased a bit from Ruination trailer few month ago

  • Jan Iedema
    Jan Iedema9 napja

    Really curious about how this canon story is gonna connect with the canon ruined king game

  • Allan Aguilar
    Allan Aguilar9 napja

    Este no es el mismo tema que suena en la pantalla de inicio de el cliente ni en partida no? Este suena muy movido, donde podría encontrar la version mas chill?

  • Satista
    Satista10 napja

    Can they please make Yorick part of this yet?

  • Random User That Uploads Random Shit
    Random User That Uploads Random Shit10 napja

    i feel like all the sentinels are represented by an instrument in this song, like i feel a little bit of lucian's theme, senna's theme, pyke's theme, irelia's theme and even viego but i can't relly understand which instruments represent the other sentinels

  • Octavio Zanetti
    Octavio Zanetti10 napja

    In case you didn't notice, they put elements of the centinels themes. If you listen closely, you can hear Senna, Gwen and Lucian's theme. Amazing detail Riot

  • Jesus Rmz

    Jesus Rmz

    5 napja

    Where's Gwen and Lucian's part?

  • Justin Middleton
    Justin Middleton10 napja

    when 1:00 *samira ults in*

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G10 napja

    If only they balanced champions half as good as they write music, the game would be perfect.

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


    TIFF STITCH11 napja

    Poppy 😍

    N.O.O.B.Y.s GAMEPLAY11 napja


  • Games Da Net
    Games Da Net12 napja

    nice!! game Epic

  • Dumangan [KBY]
    Dumangan [KBY]12 napja

    I can't stop seeing Shyvanna as Diana.

  • Mark M
    Mark M13 napja

    Question. Where are all the demons of Runeterra when this is happening?

  • Mark M

    Mark M

    9 napja

    @FanRose FabRose Spencer Oh I see. It would be awesome if they join the fight.

  • FanRose FabRose Spencer

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    11 napja

    Eve's looking to land a charm on Vayne,Fiddlesticks is inciting traumatic memories on a retired soldier, Tahm probably met Veigo and has a line saying "I ate out your wife, she had equisite taste"

  • Abdullah Naim
    Abdullah Naim13 napja

    Love to see the process!!!

  • Mohamed Fathy
    Mohamed Fathy13 napja

    Really beautiful music

  • Trong Nguyễn Là
    Trong Nguyễn Là13 napja

    Camavor Rising

  • Kevin Niko Parial
    Kevin Niko Parial14 napja

    can we get a live recording video of this?

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer14 napja


  • George Fagan
    George Fagan14 napja

    Sentinel Cho when?

  • reyner gavrila
    reyner gavrila14 napja

    Ooo wow poppy is so cute. i wanna hug her ^^

  • Mr Fantastic
    Mr Fantastic14 napja

    there's no heaven for riot staff. only earthly rewards, and hellf ire.

  • Tymońcia
    Tymońcia14 napja


  • Carlos Damian Molina
    Carlos Damian Molina15 napja

    Hermosa animacion😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏☺

  • Mr Fantastic
    Mr Fantastic15 napja

    riot games is a terrorist organization owned by one of the richest companies in the world.

  • League of Bullshit

    League of Bullshit

    14 napja


  • Rakean
    Rakean15 napja

    So noone gonna talk that this theme also played on Ruined cinematic?

  • Dorian Rezgui
    Dorian Rezgui15 napja

    Can anyone do a piano cover of this ?

  • Dark Raiden
    Dark Raiden15 napja

    Jejejeje riot escribiendo hexplosivos con H 🤣🤣🤣, sabrán de lo que hablo si juegan ziggs

  • raidenpz
    raidenpz15 napja

    Remove lifesteal stacking from the game and buff thornmail fuckheads.

  • Avenger Erbe
    Avenger Erbe15 napja

    The Multiversal War has officially begun

  • ricky andiardi
    ricky andiardi16 napja

    A missed opportunity Riot didn't reference any ultraman element in their new champion. It's literally about light vs darkness

  • Job Ben
    Job Ben16 napja

    I miss these types of themes. Classic!

  • Ema Tavox
    Ema Tavox16 napja

    Who else thinks that at the end of this season Viego will return good like he was before the ruination and Isolde will be with him? By the way I'm so excited for what's happening in the lore this season since before it felt like the lore was to still (except for the Yone comeback) but now it's moving so much.

  • Hansip Jonggon
    Hansip Jonggon16 napja

    Yang ngedislike pasti dri moontod

  • League of Bullshit

    League of Bullshit

    14 napja

    ***dari lu

  • 오느라
    오느라16 napja

    Akali lol back plz

  • Splytch On
    Splytch On16 napja


  • kail alfaori
    kail alfaori16 napja

    this actually goes HARD AF!!! I wanna go to a concert playing this

  • Jóhannes Ágúst Sigurjónsson
    Jóhannes Ágúst Sigurjónsson16 napja

    This theme is so sick who's the composer?

  • Chargeman Kenshiro

    Chargeman Kenshiro

    15 napja

    I don't know.. maybe John William or Han Zimmer or Michael Giacchino?

  • The Schloob
    The Schloob16 napja

    When will Singed recieve an update. Please make some kind of interactive experience for him than just running, his ult is literally just stats.

  • Salmar
    Salmar16 napja

    Rengar and Pantheon look cool

  • DreXern
    DreXern16 napja

    when is league of legends movie comming out?

  • Gabriel B
    Gabriel B16 napja

    Need an ArtBook ! Please !

  • FIREFLY42401
    FIREFLY4240116 napja

    Fix F CLIENT

  • Sir Le me
    Sir Le me16 napja

    imagine nerfing Shaco Lmao so glad i quit this game

  • Krust Bruh

    Krust Bruh

    15 napja

    Shaco main moment

  • Sir Le me

    Sir Le me

    16 napja

    actually thanks for nerfing him so that i dont come back to this game ever

  • Sir Le me

    Sir Le me

    16 napja

    Nerfing him so your 5head players can keep pushing lane and not watchin map at all rofl

  • Александр Кузьмин
    Александр Кузьмин16 napja

    Добрый день, всем.

  • Huỳnh Thu
    Huỳnh Thu16 napja

    Chơi game muốn xỉu mới được đọc cốt truyện :(( mà thằng tân binh ko đc chú ý tới nhiều nên buồn vcl

  • Kaushik Barai
    Kaushik Barai16 napja

    Fast I wanna play the game

  • Alexis Liu
    Alexis Liu17 napja

    Riot new game mode please for wildrift!!

  • Baran Koyuncu
    Baran Koyuncu17 napja

    We want more darkin champions. Only 3 darkin in game.

  • Sofian
    Sofian17 napja

    Bring back login screen I beg you

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov17 napja


  • Yoshirawa Sama
    Yoshirawa Sama17 napja


  • Moroccan Noodles
    Moroccan Noodles17 napja

    guys, can anyone tell me where is garen and lux , are they already dead, like where is jarvan and the others , i tought that jhin killed garen before, but lux is still alive sooo...., where are they?

  • Symtex Clarg
    Symtex Clarg17 napja


  • Katamed
    Katamed17 napja

    this music has some futuristic Overwatch vibes. a team of heroes across the lands assembling to fight an enemy that threatens us all. that mixed with the amazing musical themes of runeterra makes it something spectacular. I like that Riot finally added a more active story to their game. instead of only backstory and character description for various playable legends


    they should have done a movie much better in the cinma all leageu players would see it

  • Mickey
    Mickey17 napja

    Is this taking place in Damacia? So is the shadow isles attacking then?

  • Saintraft
    Saintraft17 napja

    The weapon makes the character for all the sentinels. I would like to see those artifacts drawn up together thanks. :)

    YUCHEN JI17 napja

    I feel bad for shyvana, her public image is gonna be tarnished after this. Wonder what will Jarvan do, cave in to public pressure from Demacians or help her.

  • Justis Legaspi
    Justis Legaspi18 napja

    I want sentinel sona

  • Kwaite Funi
    Kwaite Funi18 napja

    I still believe that Riot's music team is their best department. Closely followed by the lore masters and animators.

  • blackswan best
    blackswan best18 napja

    will the soyeon and miyeon of g idle will be in the league of legends Again

  • Luis
    Luis18 napja

    Does anyone remember the Ruined King game? I remember it clearly. I also remember that they wanted to release it in the first quarter of 2021? So when the f is it coming out?

  • Marília Marília
    Marília Marília18 napja

    not even infinite war of marvel can stand up to this lol event

  • Ashton Frey
    Ashton Frey18 napja

    Fun Fact: Each character from their nations, join the Sentinels, except Zaun and others haven't affected by Mist

  • 자작나무
    자작나무18 napja

    0:55 베인 발가락을쏘네 ㄹㅇ 사냥꾼악마

  • Brave Victory
    Brave Victory18 napja

    Riven looking good!

  • Michel Drucker
    Michel Drucker18 napja

    Don't lie sentinel olaf 's head is reeeealy looking like odyssey kayn

  • lordtartarsauce b
    lordtartarsauce b18 napja

    i want to submit a support ticket but the website logs me out as soon as i log in and before displaying anything of the website. im running out of options. can anyone help me?

  • Aurelion Sol
    Aurelion Sol18 napja


  • songsit kodcharin
    songsit kodcharin18 napja

    I love poppy

  • cơ lương triệu
    cơ lương triệu18 napja

    Why vayne change her hair

  • AfterMath
    AfterMath19 napja

    Just want morde to come back and pull an eren Jaeger genocide just for fun nothing but a 100% not a 80% genocide

  • Chris The Heavy Cruiser
    Chris The Heavy Cruiser19 napja

    The new Vayne is more looking like Bayonetta

  • mixx tape
    mixx tape19 napja

    Meanwhile, graves still hasn’t got his cigar

  • Leonel Perdomo
    Leonel Perdomo19 napja

    this song is beyond epic!! love it!

  • blackswan best
    blackswan best19 napja

    will the soyeon and miyeon of g idle will be in the league of legends Again