Sentinels of Light 2021 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends

Where there is light, there is hope. From July 8 to August 10, gather your Sentinels and redeem new skins, chromas, and emotes. Unleash your ultimate frenzy with the new Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

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  • 悪魔Anakin

    Dude this is my first ever event and i love it smite could never

  • Billy Ryan Montenegro
    Billy Ryan Montenegro2 napja


  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • Emedio Fernandez
    Emedio Fernandez8 napja


  • nguyễn hữu xốp
    nguyễn hữu xốp9 napja

    Wait, Gwen is in good side?

  • Random Fat grove member 69

    Random Fat grove member 69

    21 órája

    Yes she is a doll mad from isolde and shes against viego because she doenst like what he did to isolde

  • aditya yadav
    aditya yadav10 napja

    akshan is indian and cringe

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


  • Reggie J
    Reggie J11 napja

    so.... no Diana?

  • Reggie J

    Reggie J

    10 napja

    @xD Diana is not among the 6 Sentinels in the Sentinel champion selection chest... Shame that she doesn't get some badass cinematic trailers like those 6. or perhaps not yet LOL

  • xD


    11 napja


  • Rinkashiari.
    Rinkashiari.11 napja

    Now Graves looks like daddy material with his new outfit

  • Mordenator
    Mordenator12 napja

    Lowkey stole the Chilling Smite outro

  • Finnegan Gillis
    Finnegan Gillis12 napja


  • Marvel Tambunan
    Marvel Tambunan13 napja

    1:23 is that LEBLANC?????

  • Marvel Tambunan

    Marvel Tambunan

    13 napja

    nvm its irelia..

  • Alli
    Alli14 napja

    no one: vayne dancing like dua lipa

  • Марина Чередніченко
    Марина Чередніченко15 napja

    So, Lucian can have his wife back, and Viego can't? Idk, call me evil, but I am totally on Viego's side, let this stuped world burn

  • The Blindfolded Drummer
    The Blindfolded Drummer15 napja

    I can already here Lucian: SENTINEEEEEEEEEELLLSSS!!! ASSEMBLE. Olaf: RAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! The rest of the Sentinels: *charges in

  • Bigid lagger
    Bigid lagger15 napja

    I wonder why the ruination didn't reach much of freljord

  • Smol Gecko
    Smol Gecko15 napja

    do any of you guys know who made the artwork for this event? i really love it

  • Bruno
    Bruno15 napja

    Where is pyke in the event tho? I see no emotes or story about him, we want pyke!

  • Numeron
    Numeron16 napja

    This time they gated the event

  • AKO SI WIEX Christian Joseph Aseneta
    AKO SI WIEX Christian Joseph Aseneta16 napja


  • Woeful ハート
    Woeful ハート16 napja

    dances are getting worse and worse as time goes by.

  • Dayan Son
    Dayan Son16 napja

    I feel with all the interesting and unique game modes the have made they could combine them into a new game thats awesome. But i think they will just keep trying to reskin this game even though you have been doing the same thing for 10 years.

  • z Captain
    z Captain16 napja

    me trying to make all this make sense: uh..

  • Sheep Is for the weak
    Sheep Is for the weak17 napja

    Pantheon falling to the mist is a pretty big loss for the sentinels though. He'd have been an awesome recruit.

  • Jan Raven Laurenaria
    Jan Raven Laurenaria17 napja

    Maybe add a Warwick 😀hehe

  • Choco Ronin
    Choco Ronin17 napja

    Ruination come to Wild Rift???

  • Gandhi Choron
    Gandhi Choron17 napja

    I will not lie, this event preety much reminded me of Divinity OS 1 and 2

  • Akos Feher
    Akos Feher17 napja

    Vayne is like "Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!"

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov17 napja


  • Sharp
    Sharp17 napja

    I'm surprised Diana is joining them. What did they say "Viego thinks the moon should be green?"

  • xD


    17 napja

    Diana joined them to defeat Pantheon.

  • Аллан Крит
    Аллан Крит17 napja

    Riot postaralisj v etot raz !!! BIG

  • Alessandro Colombi
    Alessandro Colombi17 napja

    hey guys, sium

  • Garry Wu
    Garry Wu17 napja

    Pyke should be on other team

  • Kian Barberi
    Kian Barberi18 napja

    please tell me maokai plays at least a tiny role in this story.

  • xD


    18 napja

    We don't know. Shadow Isles will be unlocked in event in few weeks

  • A Cool Name
    A Cool Name18 napja

    Is this not a "players get to choose which side wins" event like the Dark Star event?

  • A Cool Name

    A Cool Name

    18 napja

    @xD motivation dropping at an alarming rate

  • xD


    18 napja

    Nope That's like spirit blossom event

  • V
    V18 napja

    Event lore: grind f ton of games for 30 days straight

  • Arda Akdeniz
    Arda Akdeniz18 napja

    Why do we HAVE TO fight against ruination :/

  • Brave Victory
    Brave Victory18 napja

    Nice to see that Spirit Blossom stuff payed off.

  • Κωστας Μυλωνοπουλος
    Κωστας Μυλωνοπουλος19 napja


  • Miguel Clouise Aballe
    Miguel Clouise Aballe19 napja

    They should add nocturne in the ruined side

  • xD


    19 napja

    But he's on none side

  • Kdn
    Kdn19 napja

    So basically… all the cringe champs are sentinels while all the chad champs are ruined

  • LostStarzOfTheSky
    LostStarzOfTheSky19 napja


  • someone else
    someone else19 napja

    Nasus finally coming out of toplane with 1000 stacks and duskblade. An enemy has been slain. Double kill. Triple kill. Quadra kill. PENTAKILL

  • Kaisser Vince
    Kaisser Vince19 napja

    Lux is a natural light where is she???

  • Paola Arana
    Paola Arana19 napja

    Is this only for Wild Rift?

  • Anderson Chemey
    Anderson Chemey19 napja


  • LokKsiders__
    LokKsiders__19 napja

    Other poeple: Ruination is coming! Freljordians: We chillin'

  • UraBless


    18 napja

    Didn't stop Olaf from going anyways

  • rh3z
    rh3z19 napja

    Ey look its jesus

  • Menelska Mongolia
    Menelska Mongolia19 napja

    If you wanna pay to win : Spend 20€

  • Levia
    Levia19 napja

    no event progress for TFT player no event progress for coob player 😭😭😭

  • Undomaranel
    Undomaranel19 napja

    Everyone worrying about Yorick: 😢🤨😠 Me, a Pentakill fan, waiting for the crew to give Viego the Bandle City treatment:🥰🤩 Noxus realizing what that means: 😳😣

  • Camo Moose
    Camo Moose19 napja

    0:29 Nobody gonna question why the doors split in the middle if it doesnt open there?

  • Elie Yume
    Elie Yume19 napja

    So why is pyke part if the sentinels when he is more likely can be part of viego's team? Hmmmm

  • RoM aN
    RoM aN19 napja

    Why i can't stand with the ruination ?

  • MrVogone
    MrVogone20 napja

    Okay this is actually the coolest event so far out of all the events Riot ever had.

  • Yhellow Antonio
    Yhellow Antonio20 napja

    This Turned Really Serious Now

  • Kurt DuPree
    Kurt DuPree20 napja

    Does anyone else think the art style looks similar to Hades? Especially the character models during the dialogue cutscenes, they have the oddly-colored highlights like in Hades. Love that game.

  • Good Old Gamer
    Good Old Gamer20 napja

    Even the music sounds likes it's stolen from avengers.

  • Сергій Мартиненко
    Сергій Мартиненко20 napja

    Everyone is taking about Yorick and I absolutely agree. But where is Shen? Are spirits mentioned in his lore are connected to those of Black Isles? If so, he should be very much interested in keeping the balance. Also, with so much war going on, one could imagine Hecarim would join his king on this rampage.

  • 7PM Gaming
    7PM Gaming20 napja

    The person who is reading this, I wish you a calm, successful, and healthy life forever ❤


    Maybe someday Zilean become a light guard as well..

  • enis serifi
    enis serifi20 napja

    Wow emotes, its not like i have 50 of those.

  • ToastyClam
    ToastyClam20 napja

    I need to smash on Mf

  • weeb boi
    weeb boi20 napja

    Bruh camille would have been awesome

  • chai thao
    chai thao20 napja

    Many of these plays are from the Iron tiers.

  • Jericho Esmilla
    Jericho Esmilla20 napja


  • Jabar Laison
    Jabar Laison20 napja

    I can't wait Gwen is showing up

  • Bennie
    Bennie20 napja

    I've actually never thought about how Demacia and the Shadow Isles are literally the furthest appart on the map. So why would the mist START in Demacia? Idk, makes no sense.

  • xD


    20 napja

    Have you read story? Viego was looking for something important in Demacia

  • Jez Moz
    Jez Moz20 napja

    Pyke being a sentinel of light Pyke's lore wait thats illegal

  • Calm Standard
    Calm Standard20 napja

    The reason why Yorick/Maokai is still not present is because they're gonna pull off an avengers: endgame "on your left" but its just a bunch of Maokai saplings and Yorick ghouls.

  • Kevin Vu
    Kevin Vu20 napja

    Wish I could play pc league but I'm stuck in wild rift

  • Taylor Skaalrud
    Taylor Skaalrud20 napja

    Uhhh do I have to fight *against* ruination?

  • Gökhan v1
    Gökhan v120 napja

    Me watching the event trailer knowing full that all missions will be stupid grinds like kill 5000 creeps or deal 5m damage on total.

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma20 napja

    Maybe i dont want to be a sentinel of light?

  • Blackoutdmc
    Blackoutdmc20 napja

    Did that Zac have chogath ult?

  • PROTRAIT ArifMaz
    PROTRAIT ArifMaz20 napja

    Graves and Vayne dancing looks like good old drunk couples

  • Skratzie
    Skratzie20 napja

    Play league of legends the game event rip odyssey

  • Harun Alizade
    Harun Alizade20 napja

    I have a question, can we pass these missions in co-op, that is, with our friends?

  • Roland Christian Pascua
    Roland Christian Pascua20 napja


  • Demani Hill
    Demani Hill20 napja

    just take my money

  • Kyuu
    Kyuu20 napja

    They need light but they didn’t invite Lux? She literally is the Lady of Light and Luminosity.

  • Koirul Rizal
    Koirul Rizal20 napja

    Plis santinels light diana rilis in WR

  • Lord Perrin Goldeneyes
    Lord Perrin Goldeneyes20 napja

    Pyke.... a sentinel of light........ okay?

  • Carlos Edu
    Carlos Edu20 napja

    Y mi poppy

  • Xela
    Xela20 napja

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!! e.e

  • Nefy
    Nefy20 napja

    tracer is that you?

  • josh chang
    josh chang20 napja

    Bring back star guardian

  • Filip Papoušek
    Filip Papoušek20 napja

    LMAO miss fortune looks so bad xD

  • Jonathan Huang
    Jonathan Huang20 napja

    I wanna be tracer.

  • xBurtonxL
    xBurtonxL20 napja

    the dance at last is so hilarious lmao

  • LoL FZ
    LoL FZ20 napja

    I hope there will be an event like that in wild rift

  • I M
    I M20 napja

    We ll soon need joysticks to play this game

  • ThePsychotic God
    ThePsychotic God20 napja

    so wish they made a PVE mode with this like the odyssey mode

  • Alfonso Palacios
    Alfonso Palacios20 napja

    Its probably impossible, but I wish riot released this with a new gamemode like invasion and odyssey. Those times were the most fun me and my buddies had in league.

  • Viie Y
    Viie Y20 napja

    who is the character at minute 1:50 ?

  • xD


    20 napja


  • Infrnoh
    Infrnoh20 napja

    200 years

  • Sam Hicap
    Sam Hicap20 napja

    Why lux isn't here... I'm expecting she will be part of light Sentinels

  • Keanu Juico
    Keanu Juico20 napja

    Im so happy cuz i main vayneeeeeee aaaaaa

  • PhantomSaiyan
    PhantomSaiyan20 napja

    Ok but when bring star guardian man My fav event ever brings back so much memories oh well cool event yay excited

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley20 napja

    the watcher : Still remember us? riot-sama