/dev diary: Arcane Animated Series

We sit down with co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee to dive into Arcane. Watch now for more about the show’s setting, story, and two very unique sisters. Arcane the animated series is coming to Netflix Fall 2021.

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

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  • Sechsho
    Sechsho12 napja

    0:30 why hes look like he sold his soul to riot

  • TechWolf Cave
    TechWolf Cave23 napja

    Awee a love letter from riot to us. ❤️

  • A lg
    A lg24 napja

    So maybe this is canon Vi: what are you doing step sis ?

  • Shamoxx
    Shamoxx26 napja

    Why are you french :0 ?

  • Jaza Rivas
    Jaza Rivas28 napja

    The first series base of the League of Legends universe , it looks so cool , almost every or maybe every single video/music/animation that you guys do is sooo awesome keep it going. Im also waiting for the third Pentakill album :).

  • Freund2300
    Freund230028 napja

    from recent clips/animations/runeterra stuff i get the feeling this will be too childish for me, still liking the style a lot though. Hope it can strike that avatar-balance of being naiv/childish yet still appealing to adults.

  • Dirt
    Dirt29 napja

    I remember ages ago some (i dont remember who it was ages ago) Rioter said that Jinx's sister voice line wasnt referring to Vi and that they arent sisters after we were all like "theyre totally sisters", and now they are again lmao its funny to see that get retconned twice

  • Jin Woo Sung
    Jin Woo Sung29 napja

    Urgot.... hm...

    WOLKENSCHWElF29 napja

    this is soooo coool 😭😍

  • Tom Smells
    Tom SmellsHónapja

    I so hope kindred will make an appearence somehow.

  • Feeluck

    00:38 cocreator of cocaine

  • Bryan Rice
    Bryan RiceHónapja

    I had an idea to set up Jinx and Caitly as sisters and Vi a s a cousin or childhood friend, with Jinx being the tender shy reserved kid and caitlyn a more extrovert adventurer older sister, but then thanks a series of events involving Jhin killing their family Caitlyn felt so guilty thinking that it was her fault her family got murdered straights up and ends being piltover's top cop, vi kinda wonders around and eventually becomes the other top cop, and Jinx while everyone thinks she is dead, instead she suffered a much worst fate, being captive and tortured psychologically from Jhin turning her into a killing machine and breaking her mind, but still keeping that sweet child suppressed beneath her, somewhat like split personality, except that Jinx is the main take-over persona and the real (nameless) kid is just left alone in the dark "always ready to cry" and "being scared", but now that VI and Jinx are canon sisters all my ideas fall apart. :(

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock HolmesHónapja

    Matthew 19:26 "All things are possible with God"☺️

  • Ahhh Yan
    Ahhh YanHónapja

    Im sooooo excited

  • Audrey Chin
    Audrey ChinHónapja

    went thru the comments- ppl ship jinx and vi?

  • xD



    What xD

  • Laurenz Walter
    Laurenz WalterHónapja

    I hope some day they will include characters Like bard and aurelion who seem to be above all human troubles and watch runeterra from a whole other perspective

  • StarLight

    It would be so cool to see Warwick and Mundo over there, but the story probably won't intersect with them(

  • john singer
    john singerHónapja

    I wanna see TF adventures pulling heist and being a cool drifter

  • voldemort

    Cant wait for the story of swain vs leblanc/black rose would be so cool to see

  • K4rmine

    The impact League has had in some generations is just huge, they did with videogames what Marvel did with comic books, a new universe full of interesting characters worth telling more about them. It's like Nintendo, with the difference that Riot is more open to explore their characters' backgrounds through other media

  • Mia Rose
    Mia RoseHónapja

    I really wish I could voice any type of new champion especially a mage demon like a mix of neeko Morgan and lux or just any champ who is scary

  • Austin Hines
    Austin HinesHónapja

    I'd rather watch these series than play their game. I have tremendous respect for their art team. Dev team is absolute trash tier

  • Oriphyne

    I'm not sure if they confirmed this, but I'd love to see each region's own stories too! That would be awesome! I can't wait to watch it on Netflix sooo bad >_< Good job!

  • Nappa

    Man, imagine a Jhin movie; a team following a path of grizzly murders and trying to pick up clues as to who Jhin is/was, all while the psychotic cyborg is luring them all to complete his piece de resistance. Like Batman meets Saw.

  • Boom Katz
    Boom KatzHónapja

    i dont care about literally any of these characters

  • bret johanna
    bret johannaHónapja

    I want to see Mundo but i don't think its possible :c

  • dazzling light
    dazzling lightHónapja

    Riot created a literal UNIVERSE. They created so many things since 10 years ago but there are a lot of things to create, a lot of things we need to know about the universe. I'm grateful for your work and I hope to see more /dev and bts videos like this.

  • Stonercore

    give us a mmo

  • Restryke

    I can't wait for the coming series and the MMORPG to tell even more stuff about Runeterra Pog

  • KatStinct

    cant wait for the katarina series

  • Cao Trần Duy
    Cao Trần DuyHónapja

    I like how the in-game summoner's rift's theme is played in the video. It made the memory of losing-streak come back.

  • jualarca

    si la serie sale solo en englis no vuelvo a jugar lol

  • estes ml
    estes mlHónapja

    i am so hyped 😀😀😀

  • aSlyKitsune

    wait... jinx and vi are sisters?!

  • 카일

    이래서 바이와 징크스 일러 태마가 거의 똑같은거야..

  • Цитрус

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  • Snake Lethal
    Snake LethalHónapja

    Fun fact that Singed is their very first champion ever made

  • koodeau

    And what about Ioniaaaa?

  • Bruno Fabiani
    Bruno FabianiHónapja

    Ok, now where is Dr mundo.

  • It's League

    It's League



  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin MillsHónapja

    Syndra hasn’t had even one good cinematic scene... Syndra definitely deserves more love..... meanwhile jinx should just be in a suicide squad movie... oh wait. 😂

  • Justine Luiz Pedriña
    Justine Luiz PedriñaHónapja

    Finally, I can stop playing league and just watch esports and anime :)


    Oh neat it's a show! Awesome! I can't wait to watch it!

  • Night Knight
    Night KnightHónapja

    Can't wait for Ionian-theme series Edit: I also wish all Piltover and Zaun champs will be featured!

  • Haleskinn YT
    Haleskinn YTHónapja

    dissapointed in the art style, use the cinematic style.....

  • Niko W.S.
    Niko W.S.Hónapja

    Waiting melee jinx :)

  • Kook Joy
    Kook JoyHónapja

    i want lux in story =)

  • ระ


  • Phi!

    Não tem e nunca terá sequer uma série da marvel q vai superar essa!

  • ThrqshP

    Mor Shaco lore pls ._.

  • Alejandro Daza
    Alejandro DazaHónapja

    "Of all the stroeytelling opportunities we are working on at Riot" THERE'S MORE????

  • Alejandro Daza

    Alejandro Daza


    @xD I've read it all, but i like visual mediums 100x more- plus i'd think that the "storytelling oportunities" they're refereing to are more impactful that the ocasional flavor story and the mandatroy release one; i just hope there's more visual's of the universe, paired with deep dives on the lives of average characters through the champions we already know, you know?

  • xD



    You know this game has hundreds pages of stories

  • Arcane Animations
    Arcane AnimationsHónapja


  • Chris

    I don't think you guys realize just how powerful the characters that you've created are and the stories that you have told in these videos. I do not play league and never have... but I would pay insane amounts of money for content with anything NEAR the level of storytelling and polish you guys have created in your character videos over the years. I'd bet an entire department (or more) just for this purpose would find immense returns with the right platform (Happy to hear of a Netflix partnership) and publicity of the quality of your content.

  • Brayan Jose Peñaranda Julio
    Brayan Jose Peñaranda JulioHónapja

    hi i am Colombia ( me gusta lol busco amigos soy penajubra en lol) bay

  • Poppy

    please finish the hole runitera store before i die :D

  • Akai Kiseki
    Akai KisekiHónapja

    Fan favorite but Vi hasn't been viable since 3 seasons, please tweak her kit Rito...

  • Legend

    Now League Of Legends Is World Wide

  • Psui Dull
    Psui DullHónapja


  • Andy Hmbt
    Andy HmbtHónapja

    Nerf tanks

  • Grasiela Qerimi
    Grasiela QerimiHónapja

    Can't wait for this omg!!!

  • TheSpoonThatCould

    Instead of making a series why don’t you guys fix the game?????


    bet there’s gonna be little or no violence/blood/action.

  • mister ass
    mister assHónapja

    It would be cool if they made a series from other regions and event that happened, like maybe the Noxian War from Ionia, or maybe the Ruination, the Civil War in Demacia, the ascension of Azir, etc.

  • Romel Espinola
    Romel EspinolaHónapja

    Cant wait for that Ionian Region The Asians XD

  • fairy_fir Gaming
    fairy_fir GamingHónapja

    i lovw kda, make more music like that ! It's fire my guy !! (like more)

  • Benyi El alquimista
    Benyi El alquimistaHónapja

    sois un fraude! solo pensais en el dinero y no arreglais los grandes errores del juego, ni balanceais bien a los jugadores, ni castigais a los toxicos ni nada! fraude!!

  • Husband Leona, Kai'Sa, Camille and Diana
    Husband Leona, Kai'Sa, Camille and DianaHónapja

    Can't wait. As a Widlrift player, I hope Jayce release in Wildrift. 👍

  • Khang Tran
    Khang TranHónapja

    hey uh so can you nerf mundo ? it is getting out of hand i mean he have 1 item and he 1v2 me and the jungler it dumb man :(

  • Mr Vidicator
    Mr VidicatorHónapja

    And when will it get released? Especially at Greece... 😅

  • Sir Shabaz
    Sir ShabazHónapja

    Its only the start u say.... 😍😍😍

  • Ashani P
    Ashani PHónapja

    Ugh I cannot flippin wait!

  • WhiskeyPunch

    I hope you do realise, that we want MORE and about different champs and places, and now you have no right to stop! xd

  • Echo

    the art style & animation are so good i cant wait to see it on netflix!

  • Thiago Oria Gomes
    Thiago Oria GomesHónapja


  • Manu

    *Googlea cuando es otoño en usa*

  • M. RB
    M. RBHónapja

    If they end the season with cliffhanger I'm gonna be hype , but if they finish the storyline I'm gonna die from excitement , especially with the fact they showed Noxus when talking about how much there is to explore in runeterra 🤯

  • z z
    z zHónapja

    As someone not playing the game, I'm looking forward to it!

  • Joshua Louis
    Joshua LouisHónapja

    If I don’t see zed murder someone I ain’t watching

  • xD



    Zed won't be shown in this

  • Pilot Tripura
    Pilot TripuraHónapja

    By the way can someone tell me why LOL wild Rift still not available in India

  • GigaChad

    I really hope they will do a tv series based on all the Twilights/Targonian Or maybe the story of mishya

  • หมอว


  • Analia Layunta
    Analia LayuntaHónapja

    Riot Buf poppy plis

  • bukan siapa siapa tidak ingin menjadi siapa siapa
    bukan siapa siapa tidak ingin menjadi siapa siapaHónapja


  • Muhammad fazlur rahman
    Muhammad fazlur rahmanHónapja

    Can't wait for movie of Ryze and the rune's war

  • Jan Patrick
    Jan PatrickHónapja

    Imagine 3 or 5 centuries from now, the people of the future know these stories as ancient myths.

  • - Craki -
    - Craki -Hónapja

    Omg best thing to see Riot is working on a lot of narrative projects !

  • Santiago Fernández
    Santiago FernándezHónapja

    Dr Mundo appearance????

  • Zuun Pyi
    Zuun PyiHónapja

    Really hope shurima or targon will have a spotlight. I mean there are literal gods in these regions. Come on Rito

  • EneXce

    Who can gifts me 1350 RP pls?

  • Driiverr

    As much as I’m interested in Jinx and Vi, I can’t wait to see my boi Ekko get some love!!!

  • jack whacker
    jack whackerHónapja

    Pls include ekkos story

  • Kirrody

    The fact they showed noxus on the map makes me so happy

  • Blackhawk

    I hope we see Aatrox and Pantheon lore, brutal and epic as it gets

  • Bledea Cătălin
    Bledea CătălinHónapja

    When will we receive more songs from Pentakill ?

  • Archangel

    Can't wait to see series of other champs as well like, Aatrox origins.

  • SerJan

    Is there a book for lol? like the entire story?

  • Emir Koç

    Emir Koç


    There is a book, though i didnt read it myself, it isnt one story through the entire book, its more worldbuilding i think You can however find stories on their universe page if you didnt know already

  • Maggie Fix
    Maggie FixHónapja

    I'm so hyped!

  • Виктория Гренькова
    Виктория ГреньковаHónapja

    Шикарно,ждем с нетерпением

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo IvanovHónapja


  • Baaad Juju
    Baaad JujuHónapja

    show me twitch!

  • fakq

    I can't wait