Into Tomorrow | Dawn of Heroes Launch Cinematic - Teamfight Tactics

From the darkest night comes the brightest dawn.

A brighter tomorrow has finally arrived. Brave this new world and banish the remnants of the Reckoning once and for all.

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Video created in collaboration with YIZ.Design.


  • Evenstar
    Evenstar6 perccel

    Sentinals of Light: We must all group together to defeat the Darkness! Penguin: (Smacks the darkness away) Bruh

  • juan salgado inca
    juan salgado incaNapja

    nice poto 0:09

  • Avalon
    Avalon3 napja

    at thing point pengu will have more lore than half of leagues roster

  • Quốc Nam Đinh
    Quốc Nam Đinh4 napja

    Supa pengu

  • Khatib Masjid
    Khatib Masjid4 napja

    Sea when?



  • Lin2Waterfall
    Lin2Waterfall4 napja

    I ship it

  • Wendy Z
    Wendy Z4 napja

    this is too cute now i want a tft movie

  • Charlie Vaggie
    Charlie Vaggie5 napja

    Aw how adorable!

  • Anthony Cahilig
    Anthony Cahilig5 napja

    When see morde about this morde say terrible

  • Mastergucman
    Mastergucman5 napja

    im not crying, you are

  • Alan Silva
    Alan Silva5 napja

    lmao, they are too cute.

  • Galaxtiaa Universo
    Galaxtiaa Universo5 napja

    The power of friendship can solve anything🤡

  • CSMLegend
    CSMLegend6 napja

    STANDO POWAAA!! 0:45

  • kenzo ordoña
    kenzo ordoña6 napja

    Viego penguin

  • ROGU3
    ROGU37 napja

    Its look like private from madagascar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rafael Cachero
    Rafael Cachero7 napja

    Pengu needs to be a champ

  • Red
    Red7 napja

    Mad props to the everyone involved making this video, the animation, artstyle, humour was on point !!

  • Kaori Matsumiko
    Kaori Matsumiko7 napja

    0:08-0:11 Okay but like.. Can we talk about how THICCCC they made Aatrox and Kayle Look?!?!

  • Jeremiah Jordan
    Jeremiah Jordan7 napja

    The Chaos Pengu at 1:05 rubber his hands together speaks so much to his character, saying without words, "Yes, Yess, Let The Hatred Flow Though You."

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • Comsic Crystal

    Comsic Crystal

    6 napja


  • elevro
    elevro7 napja

    100x better than sentinels of light event

  • mrshihtzu
    mrshihtzu7 napja

    i dont understand but it's cute

  • M' Pengu
    M' Pengu7 napja

    The cuteness of pengu is killing me ♡♡♡♡

  • RAR Tanderer
    RAR Tanderer7 napja

    1:10 do you hear f... him?

  • oblivion
    oblivion7 napja

    radiantMortdog VS shadowMortdog

  • Ti Linh
    Ti Linh7 napja

    Iam here cause my client crack Don't tell me my computer weak iam spent 1000 bucks for them , comeon riot fix your client

  • Oscar
    Oscar7 napja

    Love how my boy uncucked himself

  • luvpmonday
    luvpmonday7 napja

    1:09 when you got 5 spatula but still 2nd place

  • A chi
    A chi7 napja

    Cute teemo

  • Jr Lamson
    Jr Lamson7 napja

    Omg this is too cute💕💕

  • Ali Faried
    Ali Faried7 napja


  • Bullpact
    Bullpact7 napja

    this cinematic got more budget than the entire shadowland expansion

  • doing63
    doing637 napja


  • Gael
    Gael7 napja

    Did anyone noticed mordekaiser's guitar in the background ?

  • Rich consparart bro
    Rich consparart bro7 napja

    Senna would like him...but not the other.

  • Mirco Cecchi
    Mirco Cecchi7 napja

    better than shadowlands cinematic

  • Bullpact


    7 napja

    this cinematic got more budget than the entire shadowland expansion

  • 7PM Gaming
    7PM Gaming8 napja

    I don't want much, I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved. Wishing you a good day my friend. 😀👍😀

  • Da Otta
    Da Otta8 napja

    Aww I cried of cuteness 😭❤️

  • TT Extinction
    TT Extinction8 napja

    Oh so that's the upcoming yordle champion, Vex!

  • AA
    AA8 napja

    He was drinking a lot, then collapsed, then redeemed, then got back his stuff. Based on a true story.

  • SavageChocolate06
    SavageChocolate068 napja

    This is way too cute I can't handle it HELP

  • aji aja
    aji aja8 napja

    Ruination spoiler

  • GearRatio
    GearRatio8 napja

    Evil Pengu was better.

  • Choi San's an Artist
    Choi San's an Artist8 napja

    this is the cutest thing I've seen today my heart uwus

  • Aurelion Sol(tank)
    Aurelion Sol(tank)8 napja

    Um okay🗿🗿🗿

  • Haκu
    Haκu8 napja

    we still need a iPad version

  • Faraon Onanhutep
    Faraon Onanhutep8 napja

    0:50 I ask you to what ruinaition? Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same....And now its here... or should i say I AM!

  • Hoang Nam Nguyen
    Hoang Nam Nguyen8 napja

    So cute!!!!

  • Raz Gainz
    Raz Gainz8 napja

    Aw yh yh

  • Youkaî
    Youkaî8 napja

    I need to cry. This penguin is the cutest thing on world 🐧🖤

  • Manar Khalil
    Manar Khalil8 napja

    They are so cute 😍😍

  • miclan
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  • Nana
    Nana8 napja

    yeah i cried so what

  • D4N7 00
    D4N7 008 napja

    When tft release on asia?

  • Sweet Melody
    Sweet Melody8 napja

    I would watch a whole movie about this penguin

  • Anderson Chemey
    Anderson Chemey8 napja


  • Yaboku
    Yaboku8 napja


  • codebracker
    codebracker8 napja

    Why does the mouse still have one eye ruined?

  • Tharusha Tharupathi
    Tharusha Tharupathi8 napja


  • Yanet Elguera Basurto
    Yanet Elguera Basurto8 napja


  • Duy Nguyễn
    Duy Nguyễn8 napja

    humm it still need something , I wish they can do more interesting such as Avengers endgame when all legends ofFreljord,Demacia,Ionia,Noxus,Piltover,Bilgewater,Shurima,Bandle Cityand may be have Zaun too .All of them together fight back Viego(Thanos) and his army to bring light and victory, but it seem like impossible because they don't have ....

  • gee doo
    gee doo8 napja

    Whose dying??? ML left earth 🤣🤣🤣

  • AlReidSans Al
    AlReidSans Al8 napja

    I want pengu as a hero in lol

  • Luffy Ace
    Luffy Ace8 napja

    I am looking forward to it.

  • Alexandra Nikolova
    Alexandra Nikolova8 napja

    The sounds got me dying

  • TheXGamer
    TheXGamer8 napja

    Who will win? *Blade of The Ruined King* Or *A spatula*

  • Philip Mario
    Philip Mario9 napja

    OuR river sprites are adding finishing touches to the next pass!Check back later!

  • Hingle Macringleberry
    Hingle Macringleberry9 napja

    Cool video and all but bro. How absolutely sewage water in a decaying dumpster fire are the servers for this game that they have to literally shut them down every other day for 6 hours at a time. Like bruh why would you want to even get on to play when there's an 85% chance you're going to get kicked from your game

  • Cyrel John De Guzman
    Cyrel John De Guzman9 napja

    Golden spatula goes bonk!💀🤣


    Again pls riot make the mobile version available in Asia specially in Philippines pls

  • Croft Gaming
    Croft Gaming9 napja

    The power of the spatula is unmatched!

  • Repjaws
    Repjaws9 napja

    0:08 Kayle pulling a dumptruck.

  • Dubya


    8 napja

    Seek help son

  • 옹스타 OngStar
    옹스타 OngStar9 napja

    Very Good

  • Lester Nacua
    Lester Nacua9 napja

    what if with this Cinematic Riot is telling us the ending of the Ruination event 😂

  • Lukas Bade
    Lukas Bade9 napja

    This aint Witcher with the Lad of the Lake and Aerondight :o

  • Master Yi Montage 2021
    Master Yi Montage 20219 napja

    So cute!

  • Jericho Swain
    Jericho Swain9 napja

    That light Pengu has the Holy Grail from Gilgamesh that wasn't fair rito.

  • rizky dermawan
    rizky dermawan9 napja

    So how to win against Ruination just using SPATULA no need sentinel of light!!!

  • Shindo Yhong
    Shindo Yhong9 napja


  • Yin Yuan
    Yin Yuan9 napja


  • Eric Horner
    Eric Horner9 napja

    Umm.... I don't understand what I just watched...

  • Rae


    9 napja

    Nimblefoot got kidnapped by Chaos Pengu. While Pengu, found out a way to save his friend Nimblefoot. Order Pengu appears and the rest was history

  • อนันดา วารีลักษณ์
    อนันดา วารีลักษณ์9 napja


  • Midnight M
    Midnight M9 napja

    League of penguin

  • Werty Membrote
    Werty Membrote9 napja

    We need Spatula to end viego

  • Tuan Tran
    Tuan Tran9 napja

    Huh that simple, just a little help from god and that's it?

  • Edgar Alejandro Ruíz Olivo
    Edgar Alejandro Ruíz Olivo9 napja


  • Sunni
    Sunni9 napja

    Watching Kayle fly into battle while she carries that little Champion penguin was adorable

  • hellupaszu
    hellupaszu9 napja

    Not even Viego can handle this power of friendship XD

  • Vishal Panchal
    Vishal Panchal9 napja

    Noice and childish!

  • Fadhli_12 Firdausi
    Fadhli_12 Firdausi9 napja

    I love the way how he slap the black mist

  • Noel Wee
    Noel Wee9 napja

    how do they make tft even cuter my god

  • Expresso Depresso
    Expresso Depresso9 napja

    Kayle and Aatrox are true homies They're not relevant to the story but they never left the sad penguin's side

  • Farid Firdaus
    Farid Firdaus9 napja

    Kayle x Aatrox? is this canon lore?

  • Freeme EDM Music
    Freeme EDM Music9 napja

    I passed by the house playing this song and I went home to find it, but it's better than I imagined, it's great. I love it ❤️

  • Greg Wilkinson
    Greg Wilkinson9 napja

    little legends are best legends!!

  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad Umar9 napja

    Gunther no gunther no

  • Michael Mesquita
    Michael Mesquita9 napja

    PENGU'S GOT A PERSONA?????????

  • Erick Flores Rodriguez
    Erick Flores Rodriguez9 napja

    Omg i just got diabetes watching this

  • John Albert Rocafort
    John Albert Rocafort9 napja

    Voice lines are superb 😢