Chapter I Recap | Rise of the Sentinels - League of Legends

Dragons, axes, and new recruits: Here’s what you missed in Rise of the Sentinels Chapter I.

Continue the story in Rise of the Sentinels Chapter II: live now.

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  • Muhd Irshad
    Muhd Irshad4 napja

    Ruin dragon women?

  • K Man
    K Man6 napja

    Me who went to Noxus first: Interesting

  • Leonardo Paraense
    Leonardo Paraense6 napja

    ESTABE'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE PART 1 : THE SOUL OF THE CONDEMNED STAND MASTER : Viego STAND NAME : Destruction Powers Destruction is an exceptionally powerful short range stand, it has a maximum manifestation of 40m range. Although it requires close range to attack, it is incredibly difficult to stop once within range. Stop the time The power key that defines Destruction is its ability to stop time, allowing only yourself and Viego to act within the stopped time period.However, also due to Viego's immortality, the length of downtime also increases as Viego becomes more accustomed to Destruction, reaching a maximum of 40 seconds.

  • Sarah Will
    Sarah Will7 napja

    Which champions are gonna be the shurima and shadows isles "representatives* ?

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • Shammara Blanchard
    Shammara Blanchard7 napja

    It is hilarious because the RPG coming out is like the prequel to all of this so it seems.

  • doing63
    doing637 napja


  • Mihajlo Stojanovski
    Mihajlo Stojanovski7 napja

    Welcome to the League of Legends champion spotlight featuring Vex, the sad depressed Yordle

  • Ekter
    Ekter8 napja

    skip skip skip skip

  • Lyca On
    Lyca On9 napja

    After ruination Imagine mordekaiser with his army coming out and he beats up Viego that would be cool

  • Leftmost Orange
    Leftmost Orange9 napja

    akshan's voice got old after 20 seconds of this video geez

  • Karol Kratky
    Karol Kratky9 napja


  • Aexium
    Aexium9 napja

    let's see how the bilgewater MF vs Pyke turns out

  • Real Politics
    Real Politics9 napja

    Woohoo more riven story

    SHINRA9 napja

    Hello guys can someone help me to fix the client of my lol, When I open it, it said "Unexpected error log in failed, please wait" . I search a lot and report it to riot but no response coming from them

  • Darth ML
    Darth ML9 napja

    wow amazing love it

  • Requiem
    Requiem9 napja


  • Decennia
    Decennia9 napja

    I logged in just to upvote this.

  • Joven Patio
    Joven Patio10 napja

    I like the way how he compare himself to vayne xD

  • Andrea Acevedo rincón
    Andrea Acevedo rincón10 napja

    I hope lux becomes a sentinel as well

  • Brett Anderson
    Brett Anderson10 napja

    riot can we have like a full 25 min episode for sentinels of light, I NEED to watch this out

  • DivineDeparture
    DivineDeparture10 napja

    If you guys make every thing in the game broken then the game whould be balanced

  • Veljko Radulovic
    Veljko Radulovic10 napja

    fix the game its bad

  • Myhamdog
    Myhamdog10 napja

    hey riot i just wanted to say that i really love the animation style for the music video of awaken and you should do more like that. i especially liked the way irelia looked in it though. way better than her splash art. you should do more music videos like that. it inspires me to become a better player! @league of legends

  • Elfefe 87
    Elfefe 8710 napja

    RIOTTT WE Want Master yi sentinel pleaseee

  • Shini YT
    Shini YT10 napja

    so if riven weapon does not fit for centinels stuff... how is she going to help xd??

  • A yellow butter duck
    A yellow butter duck10 napja


  • Boy Dapiawen
    Boy Dapiawen10 napja

    fix the login session pls

  • Pyke
    Pyke11 napja

    I hope we stop viego I mean We stop viego

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja



    *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG*

  • ViziManó Y:Y
    ViziManó Y:Y11 napja

    68% winrate +4 LP ggwp

  • DogsofWar999
    DogsofWar99911 napja

    Can you please just do a TV show instead of these

  • HISZ Cter
    HISZ Cter12 napja

    TFT mobile ?????????????????????????

  • JustMika
    JustMika12 napja

    Haven't played league for a while but cool story though

  • ShpEtA Zm
    ShpEtA Zm12 napja

    So and league of legends start to broke game like pubg mobile!

  • Mr Fantastic
    Mr Fantastic12 napja

    kill riot games. kill their community. it's sick and twisted the way they raise these children.

  • Celestunia
    Celestunia12 napja

    So is Akshan like the 5th least popular champion now? I doubt anybody would care about him if he wasn't hamfisted into every game and client.

  • Marcos Barrios
    Marcos Barrios12 napja

    And what happen with swain and leblanc? what they doing against the ruination? They already know whats going to happen? They suppose to do something about that, to defend his secrets or the bastion... idk too many information without reveal... too many powerful and intelligent champions and viego do everything what he want without consequences, excepting for the sentinels, but is bored create something unstoppable and create only one debility, like superman and the kryptonite, it should be exist something more that can stop viego's simpness

  • Sergen T
    Sergen T12 napja

    pls samira nerf so strong

  • Gaurav Mehilal
    Gaurav Mehilal12 napja


  • check out my soundcloud
    check out my soundcloud12 napja


  • utku Kurt
    utku Kurt12 napja

    the worst event ever has come to league story

  • xD


    11 napja


  • not a cat
    not a cat12 napja

    omg bless Riot, im exactly that type of people who skips the dialogues just go get my rewards ASAP.

  • euustak
    euustak12 napja

    where is chapter 2, cant find it??

  • xD


    11 napja

    In client

  • Agil Asadi
    Agil Asadi12 napja

    I really don't like this guy's voice.

  • Ali Hasnain Ansari
    Ali Hasnain Ansari12 napja

    waiting for Master Yi to join the battle

  • x f
    x f12 napja

    legend of legend in 3 years time: We are rebranding to league of disney

  • JimmyLang
    JimmyLang12 napja

    *Snuck into

  • TheGrimm Yeeter
    TheGrimm Yeeter12 napja

    Please do something with Mordekaiser.

  • Absolute
    Absolute12 napja

    To be Honest, i wanna see Veigo to put everything to Ruination

  • Shady Shin
    Shady Shin12 napja

    Why your not adding some Night Elf Girl in the game? Could be amazing! XD

  • xD


    11 napja

    She's Yordle

  • Just David
    Just David13 napja

    New champion Isolde called

  • お湯
    お湯13 napja

    What……pyke plz

  • Pieter Goßweiler
    Pieter Goßweiler13 napja

    1:24 "Sneaked" isn't a word, Akshan and you went to Harvard and you should know that.

  • Tsumi
    Tsumi13 napja

    may i know where ryze is ? i mean he been roaming around so where is he now ?

  • Filip Papoušek
    Filip Papoušek13 napja

    I dont really like akshan, he seems to be...not straight(no offense)

  • Naknamfucha
    Naknamfucha13 napja

    I love it how akshan does the recap specially the first one is so hilarious haha

  • SergioM
    SergioM13 napja

    They need to make a movie like Hobbit and lord ring...the story is so adventure is amazing

  • Hanako
    Hanako13 napja

    Everyone: Talking about the video Me: Wondering who is telling the story

  • Evil of Alfa
    Evil of Alfa13 napja

    Why is this not i SG server yet?

  • Angelo Audije
    Angelo Audije13 napja

    Wishing rookie becomes a champion

  • soroush kowsarian
    soroush kowsarian13 napja

    I love akshan dude

  • zsmilex3
    zsmilex313 napja

    Toxicity gonna do with people can't talk human

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby13 napja

    I just finished the Demacia one wtf? How fast do we need to do this event?

  • xD


    10 napja

    @Bob Bobby Nope. Just play Arams xD

  • Bob Bobby

    Bob Bobby

    10 napja

    @xD You gotta play all day tho

  • xD


    11 napja

    1 day is enough to end each region.

  • Neil the ass titan
    Neil the ass titan13 napja

    I just realized the new champion outfits are all canon in the main storyline, because Gwen is sewing them clothing when they join. o:

  • zsmilex3
    zsmilex313 napja

    Toxicity gotta do more with personal attack

  • PinmanTr33
    PinmanTr3313 napja

    I wanna see mordekaiser in this ruination thing lol

  • kayes sakib
    kayes sakib13 napja

    Ah Olaf and riven didn't get a new cinematic a bit disappointed

  • Spolchen
    Spolchen13 napja

    Great Power Point Akshan, I'll turn your D- into a D now

  • Vigupa Archmage
    Vigupa Archmage13 napja

    I need Vex. Great video tho, story is going good. But Ryze in this madness... Zilean dealing with the Void...

  • Tom Broch
    Tom Broch13 napja

    Every new champ kills this game more Sadge

  • Aung Pyae Phyo
    Aung Pyae Phyo13 napja

    so chanpion quest order is lucian senna vayne olaf raven right?

  • santiago sancho
    santiago sancho13 napja

    Wait, so Akshan is the rookie?

  • Dendi
    Dendi13 napja

    It would be funny that at the end of this story akhsan just effortlessly ressurect isolde lmao

  • Tr Twisted
    Tr Twisted13 napja

    Wait what idk how this works lmao I didn't even finish demacia WHAAAAT

  • The Blindfolded Drummer
    The Blindfolded Drummer13 napja

    I just finished Chapter 1 (Oh the number of games I had to play...) and just started Chapter 2 in Ionia. Yes the point system has doubled but guess how many points to unlock Irelia. 1050 points. Most likely the same with Diana in Mt. Targon. A far jump from 280 points. Come on League, I can't play a million games a night. Please fix the point system. I'm just a Rookie Sentinel ffs. Apart from that, Sentinels of Light story deserves a freaking movie.

  • Angelo Turingan
    Angelo Turingan13 napja

    riot keeps scamming me in my account WTF

  • Meow Smile
    Meow Smile13 napja

    Vex hasn't slept in 10 years and is still alive?

  • Breast Cancer Yoshi
    Breast Cancer Yoshi13 napja

    Olaf: *Dies in glorious battle.* Akshan: *Hunts down the scoundrel for a Rez.* Olaf: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

  • Grapes
    Grapes13 napja

    So Vex is a random yordle who got corrupted or is Norra but forgot her name as she became corrupted?

  • Alexandre Macena
    Alexandre Macena13 napja

    Where can i read the history? Cuz i looked for the comics and didn't found olaf or riven or vayne, i looked in lores and onoy found akshan bio

  • xD


    11 napja

    You have to play Whole story is in client

  • madness villain
    madness villain13 napja

    We need DC universe

  • SunnySplosion
    SunnySplosion13 napja

    Me thinking I've seen it all so I gladly watch the recap: Also me not having seen it all and spoiling Vex for myself:

  • Milo


    12 napja

    Nooooo, Sunny :(

  • Max Powers

    Max Powers

    13 napja

    @you know i can write 50 letters in this name? cool In the league client

  • you know i can write 50 letters in this name? cool

    you know i can write 50 letters in this name? cool

    13 napja

    where you watch this is there a comic or something

  • Eleanore Linx
    Eleanore Linx13 napja

    Yeaa, i still can't see viego as a villain. Poor dude just want his cumbucket resurrected.

  • Obezos
    Obezos13 napja

    trash company owned by ketamine addicts fix the game

  • SheLuxLit :3
    SheLuxLit :313 napja

    Can yall stop making every male champ super arrogant? Its obnoxious.

  • Aditya Parikh
    Aditya Parikh14 napja

    Imagine that after all this ruination bs, they rename the Sentinels of Light "the League of Legends".

  • Petr Krampera
    Petr Krampera14 napja

    So this basically confirmes that viego was around Mordekaisers armor. I hope hes gonna return among the living.

  • Kaylus
    Kaylus14 napja

    Lol, I haven't even completed any of the second regions yet.

  • xD


    11 napja

    So you play like 2 games a day?

  • Parzival Gripex
    Parzival Gripex14 napja


  • Wala-o-Wisp
    Wala-o-Wisp14 napja

    But why akshan does not revive isolde

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    worst event ever

    TIM KING14 napja


  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis14 napja

    Me waiting for sentinel Graves : 🙄

  • Keram 1472
    Keram 147214 napja

    Me waiting 5 years for some Shurima story development:

  • Keram 1472
    Keram 147214 napja

    Spoiler: Next chapion Isolde Queen of Simps

  • Tamás Balog
    Tamás Balog14 napja


  • Arda Calka
    Arda Calka14 napja