Before Dawn | Sentinels of Light 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

In the darkest night, a new Sentinel rises.

Recruit champions in Rise of the Sentinels, a narrative adventure available in-client July 8 - August 10.

Video created in partnership with Axis Studios:

Sentinels of Light page:

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  • John Duran
    John Duran7 órája

    Where's the other cinematic for the other sentinel champs?!?! :(

  • Levi Boko
    Levi Boko9 órája

    Momma vayne

  • korea 패미척살
    korea 패미척살10 órája

    오 북미서버도 있긴 있네...

  • Calvin Leo
    Calvin Leo11 órája

    It’s halfway of 2021 and we’re still stuck at home. Where’s League of Legends movie on Netflix still?

  • Alexander Stone
    Alexander Stone16 órája

    ooh big monster kill em twice!

  • ZQUAD Gaming
    ZQUAD Gaming19 órája

    When will you launch it in south asia

  • Sinner man
    Sinner man23 órája


  • Jaylin Moore
    Jaylin Moore23 órája

    Vayne is a baddy.

  • Ondrej Sýkora
    Ondrej Sýkora23 órája

    i need like a series of this like a serial

  • Josh B
    Josh B23 órája

    "She's big!" "Then shoot her twice!" :'D

  • Abegail Reubal
    Abegail ReubalNapja

    Kingdoms are at war against each other, then the dead appeared. Mhmmhmm... Game of Thrones vibes.

  • DumBistachio

    waaait where are kayle and morgana???

  • Adam White
    Adam WhiteNapja

    at then of this all, will they just remove Viego? hopefully :/

  • Jolene Honeycutt
    Jolene HoneycuttNapja

    Gwen: actually there the whole time, but hiding in her mist

  • abood kittani
    abood kittaniNapja

    وين العرب :*

  • Gonzalo abasolo valle
    Gonzalo abasolo valleNapja

    no she's not rekkles she's vayne lol

  • Kubo Jun
    Kubo Jun2 napja

    When Vayne said : "she's a monster". There are 2 thoughts in my head 1. Vayne called Shyvana a monster because she is controlled by Viego 2. Because Shyvana is half-dragon If number 2 is canon, i'm gonna be so pissed at Vayne

  • Rafiuddin Sufinor
    Rafiuddin Sufinor2 napja

    Buat movie pun boleh ni..

  • thepcfd
    thepcfd2 napja

    what is this place ? this is cosmetics saloon.

  • Apichet Phuthikornwongsri
    Apichet Phuthikornwongsri2 napja

    I read a a story on wildrit,.... Senna is already dead 😭

  • YuriIsLife
    YuriIsLife2 napja

    We need more like her. Turns to Pyke, a crazy undead serial killer

  • P5yc1ops osu!
    P5yc1ops osu!3 napja

    *sigh* ait im gonna comment it Sentinels of light sound like valorant pack

  • Vasil Bradvata
    Vasil Bradvata3 napja

    Nice Sentinels

  • Tas Mania
    Tas Mania3 napja

    muhahaha ein dummes spiel für dumme Kinder. A stupid game for Stupid Childrens !!! DONT FORGET ARAM TACTIC PUSH AND RUN ALL TIME BACK xD xD xD xD OMG so Stupid Game and Community

  • John Harold Dela Rosa
    John Harold Dela Rosa3 napja

    I am still waiting for another cinematic to all sentinels of light champ

  • ziyo_ Otaku
    ziyo_ Otaku3 napja

    lucian : she is rekkles senna REKKLES WHAT WAS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo Camacho
    Ricardo Camacho3 napja

    The dialogues were kinda meh, but A for effort.

  • Ichor Nichts
    Ichor Nichts3 napja

    I like how Lucian is saying that Vayne is reckless, while he is recruiting every psychopath he can find.

  • TheCopyto
    TheCopyto4 napja

    The amount of plot armor they had lol

  • Jay Carl
    Jay Carl4 napja

    I had goosebumps watching this, it's freaking cool🔥

  • Arlene Mae Rafael
    Arlene Mae Rafael4 napja

    Wtf this Vayne gave me goosebumps! 😟 prolly because I main vayne 🥺

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza4 napja

    its about 6 month that i banned becasue im playing from Iran , its not fair, i sent lots of tickets and you did nothing for bring me back to the game , this is just a game not a political issue,

  • Lucier 79
    Lucier 794 napja

    I love the fact that vayne is fighting with magic forces by her side and she knows it

  • 賢 古田
    賢 古田4 napja


  • Yara
    Yara5 napja

    Vayne running into melee range of a shyvana is to accurate. The inaccurate part is her not instantly dying from it.

  • Demix
    Demix5 napja

    yo where s the Rookie

  • Nicolas Ingolia
    Nicolas Ingolia5 napja

    Yo why not make more cinemtaitcs of all the champions that are sentinels becomeing sentinels! id love to see more cinematics of this!

  • Christian Brylle
    Christian Brylle5 napja

    I feel bad watching because I want to master Vayne but she's a little hard to use haha ❤️

  • jobriq5
    jobriq56 napja

    RIP that random guard

  • Ezekiel
    Ezekiel6 napja

    Man, I think I'm in love in new Vayne look.

  • kostas K
    kostas K6 napja


  • Nikkeishin
    Nikkeishin6 napja

    Finally i saw vayne without glasses

  • Zero_Two GD
    Zero_Two GD6 napja

    Did Lucian just 1shot shyvana with w?

  • jay cernoskova
    jay cernoskova7 napja

    is no one gonna mention vayne's new voice? and how her personality is different now?

  • Mark Justine Boquiren
    Mark Justine Boquiren7 napja

    Me Waiting the third Cinematic of Ruination.

  • tatsuke- Sama
    tatsuke- Sama7 napja

    so... it's this tecnically vayne's new canon look? or its this something just for the event?...

  • secondintelligentWorld
    secondintelligentWorld7 napja

    oh my god. vayne has eyes

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • He was Number 1
    He was Number 17 napja

    vayne looks kind of hot without those glasses

  • Versatility
    Versatility7 napja

    As a vayne main I approve of this message.

  • Denis Botezatu
    Denis Botezatu7 napja


  • klima _slim
    klima _slim7 napja

    Racism drops to 0%

    RIOXC7 napja

    we need movie series 😊

  • Special_blank
    Special_blank7 napja

    Me keep defeating in mobile legend :( Me Now: i better go to legue of legend now bye bye

  • Ryuisville Master
    Ryuisville Master7 napja

    Vayne glow up is something I need on my team

  • The Kage of Six Paths
    The Kage of Six Paths7 napja

    I like how all the strongest champions in lore r basicly garbo ingame.Viego stays true to that

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone7 napja

    Everyone: Panicking at the Ruination Me: I have troubles, so I stand behind Braum

  • Iceblinkx
    Iceblinkx7 napja

    nb3 on shyv

  • Oskarlık Filmler
    Oskarlık Filmler7 napja


  • Pizdamus molokososumus
    Pizdamus molokososumus8 napja

    Kled!!!! I need Kled!!! Please!!! When will he be in some of the cool trailers!!!!

  • English Pilot
    English Pilot8 napja

    Whos the chick at the end??

  • xD


    6 napja


  • Jonas S.
    Jonas S.8 napja

    Cool, now fix your game.

  • Harrison bowman
    Harrison bowman8 napja

    Will darius become a sentinall

  • Mary H H
    Mary H H8 napja


  • GirthyDumpsterFire
    GirthyDumpsterFire8 napja

    Those glasses do be saucy tho

  • Key Banks
    Key Banks8 napja

    Senna voice is to die for

  • Irva Sudrajat
    Irva Sudrajat8 napja

    I don't even play LOL but I watch all of their cinematic videos and official MVs. It's just SO GOOD!! GOD those songs are majestic!!!

  • melon.
    melon.8 napja

    Bayonetta?!! 4:05

  • melon.
    melon.8 napja

    Vayne is so pretty yuwuu

  • 刘佳
    刘佳8 napja

    ap luxian

  • Lust SINdrome
    Lust SINdrome9 napja

    I hope this becomes a part of Arcane

  • xD


    8 napja

    @Lust SINdrome Yup. But not Ruination. Ruination is from present lore. Arcane will contain previous stories.

  • Lust SINdrome

    Lust SINdrome

    8 napja

    @xD your dumb, if you payed any attention to the dev diary, they said they will be covering more than just those two

  • xD


    8 napja

    Nope. Arcane will tell stories from Jinx and Vi past

  • Qyuwi BæstAhri
    Qyuwi BæstAhri9 napja

    Can someone tell me is this 3D or 2D, or 2.5D? is it done with maya or blender or other pack?

  • Onmanrz
    Onmanrz9 napja

    1:28 Xin Zhao in your team

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English9 napja

    Matthew 1:21 "He will save His people from their sins"❤️

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English9 napja

    Matthew 19:26 "All things are possible with God"☺️

  • The Bulba *__*

    The Bulba *__*

    8 napja

    he made powerful people killing kids possible. Yes. Everything is possible with god.

  • Hậu Phan
    Hậu Phan9 napja

    Justice League Snyder Part 2

  • Azer Reza
    Azer Reza9 napja

    I just realized that this is avenger's plot :0

  • ryan tan
    ryan tan9 napja

    Lucian busted 2 shots in Shyvana's mouth

  • Jay Rai
    Jay Rai9 napja

    Where is our League of Legends Movie!!! Make one already. No Make several!!!

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen9 napja

    4:06 who that pokemon

  • EndoQS
    EndoQS9 napja

    Is it me or old cinematics were better?

  • I Am Neo

    I Am Neo

    9 napja

    this runeterra cinematic style

  • john michael quides

    john michael quides

    9 napja

    They do this in this pandemic Time so who cares

  • Leo Tomiselli
    Leo Tomiselli9 napja

    me looking at the map rokka no yuusha?

  • Čremë Nivea
    Čremë Nivea10 napja

    When league releases cinematics like these, you almost forget they're a company focusing on games

  • Henlo stonk
    Henlo stonk10 napja

    vayne: drip unlocked

  • Spartan Dumpster
    Spartan Dumpster10 napja

    I feel Riot really misses golden opportunities to include comic relief characters when they're actually relevant. They could've had Graves show up like "yeah I'll save the world, I live there!"

  • Heckin Coolguy

    Heckin Coolguy

    6 napja

    All adcs are comic releif when they run headfirst into melee champs the second they see them

  • Feltrin
    Feltrin10 napja

    okay but who asked?

  • xD


    8 napja


  • maros495
    maros49510 napja

    is this going to be the new riot mmo sotry it would be so niceee :D

  • Heartbreaker
    Heartbreaker10 napja

    senna always sounds like shes on the edge of crying idk why

  • Manaka Laala
    Manaka Laala10 napja


  • Blossomlotus
    Blossomlotus11 napja

    It's hard seeing Shyvana in such agonising pain.

  • Nhật Anh Bùi
    Nhật Anh Bùi11 napja

    So our Vayne turn into Tracer hah?

  • Ken Kai
    Ken Kai11 napja

    She's Rekkles! No actually that's Uzi

  • Jerome Om-om Cerillo
    Jerome Om-om Cerillo11 napja

    Mobile legend you know what to do 😂

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


  • Rock girl
    Rock girl11 napja

    "We need to work together, or he will destroy everything" that's how i feel when my team fights against a viego in ARAM

  • white shriek
    white shriek11 napja

    Seriously this game needs an anime! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • VonOnCyka
    VonOnCyka11 napja

    I smell bright magics

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    11 napja

    poprosić .to nie boli

  • Shreyansh Thakral
    Shreyansh Thakral11 napja

    that senna ult is sick af everytime it comes up in cinematics


    *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG*

  • Kalampokaleuros
    Kalampokaleuros11 napja

    Seems like Bayonetta joined the league