BREAK OUT | MSI 2021 - League of Legends

11 regional champions are heading to Iceland for MSI 2021. Among them: reigning World Champions, MVPs, old winners searching for new glory and rising rookie stars. Each hungrier than the next. Each fighting to stake their claim as the next legend of LoL Esports. From May 6-23 (PT), they're going head to head. Who will Break Out? Watch live at

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  • Yeelight
    Yeelight2 hónapja

    Wanna try a better League of Legends gaming experience? Get a Yeelight bulb, strip, and screen bar pro to sync your light with your game!

  • Drakeminos Team BlackSide
    Drakeminos Team BlackSide2 hónapja

    Why there is a pantheon IRL at 0:44

  • Drunken heals
    Drunken heals2 hónapja

    cool promo

  • vProtoniic
    vProtoniic2 hónapja

    Can someone tell me who the 3ed champ at 0:01 is? Senna, Apehlios and ??? Talon?? Jhin?? Malzahar???

  • Dang Thao

    Dang Thao

    2 hónapja

    conquerer jax

  • GodTube TV
    GodTube TV2 hónapja

    Vietnam was restricted. They're afraid of the Ackerman hahaha

  • 姜磊
    姜磊2 hónapja


  • TFB Janesak
    TFB Janesak2 hónapja

    T1 doesn't exist in the table?

  • anthony zhang
    anthony zhang2 hónapja

    "We need a lot of engagement from a crowd, let's make this hype!!!" *Places the event in Iceland*

  • Zekarina
    Zekarina2 hónapja

    The new music sounds ok

  • brando Dio
    brando Dio2 hónapja

    Let's go C9

  • Davis Lee
    Davis Lee2 hónapja

    Cant wait till c9 clapped dwg

  • Mike XX
    Mike XX2 hónapja

    I love how to use color green to represent the coronavirus (at least thats what I think it is)

  • peppergb
    peppergb2 hónapja

    bring back the MSI houses

  • Juan Francisco Medina Ramos
    Juan Francisco Medina Ramos2 hónapja

    We need Uzi back in pro League

  • mfnfju
    mfnfju3 hónapja

    Can we get pickems for msi please you dogshit company

  • Mike•_•
    Mike•_•3 hónapja

    C9 > DK

  • 무쌑
    무쌑3 hónapja

    0:18 fxxk why r u check x faker?

  • Just Moni1ka
    Just Moni1ka3 hónapja

    "Uzi goes God-like!"

  • rıdvan Demir
    rıdvan Demir3 hónapja

    armut nuguri den intikamını al

  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu3 hónapja

    fpx 加油💪

  • Daniel Xiong
    Daniel Xiong3 hónapja

    I saw Xiao Hu..... Why is he so cute

  • Mysteria Clover
    Mysteria Clover3 hónapja


  • Rinkashime Peroja
    Rinkashime Peroja3 hónapja

    Where were you when the west rose up??? I AM STILL WAITING FOR GAY2 trashtalkers belittling NA and LCK 🤣

  • Capivara Imperadora
    Capivara Imperadora3 hónapja

    okay, this is hype also brtt>doublelift

  • Mister 2002
    Mister 20023 hónapja

    Where we dump a ton of salt on rekless open wound

  • Gertjan Wiersma
    Gertjan Wiersma3 hónapja

    This is what peak league of legends look like, and this year it comes from NA. Perkz incoming for the back to back MSI!

  • spoko morda
    spoko morda3 hónapja

    0:07 ADC GALA from Royal Never Give Up (RNG) 0:08 ADC Carzzy from MAD Lions (MAD) 0:09 ADC brTT from paiN Gaming (PNG) 0:09 MID ShowMaker from DWG KIA (DWG) 0:10 MID Perkz from Cloud9 (C9) 0:15 ADC Uzi from Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (now retired) (MSI 2018) 0:15 ADC Rekkles from Fnatic (FNC) (now in G2) (MSI 2018) 0:17 ADC Doublelift from Team Liquid (TL) (now retired) (MSI 2019) 0:17 MID Caps from G2 Esports (G2) (still in G2) (MSI 2019) 0:18 MID Faker from SK Telecom T1 (SKT) (still in T1) (MSI 2019) 0:18 ADC JackeyLove from Invictus Gaming (IG) (now in TES) (MSI 2019) 0:22 MSI 2019 final G2 vs TL 0:29 MID Faker and SUPP Mata from SKT (MSI 2019) 0:30 SK Telecom T1 wins MSI 2017 against G2 Esports 0:37 ADC Uzi and his team Royal Never Give Up wins MSI 2018 against Kingzone DragonX 0:44 ADC HolyPhoenix from İstanbul Wildcats (IW) 0:44 JG Canyon from DWG KIA (DWG) 0:44 SUPP Ackerman from Infinity Esports (INF) 0:45 MID Humanoid from MAD Lions (MAD) 0:45 TOP Xiaohu from Toyal Never Give Up (RNG)

  • Jose Antonio Maldonado Soto

    Jose Antonio Maldonado Soto

    2 hónapja

    0:08 ADC Carzzy from MAD Lions**

  • Victor Carvalho

    Victor Carvalho

    2 hónapja


  • Shisui Uchiha

    Shisui Uchiha

    3 hónapja

    0:08 i dont see here Elyoya Okeyeg

  • soroush kowsarian
    soroush kowsarian3 hónapja

    the x and the circle didnt twhich on anyone of the chosen and non qualified exepct faker ... riot really wants faker to be quallified lol

  • Tenshi Dust

    Tenshi Dust

    3 hónapja

    Joke's aside, those are the match-ups won by those teams: - RNG beat FNC 2-0 in the group stage and 3-0 in semifinals - G2 and TL went 1-1 in the group stage and 3-0 in the final - While iG and SKT went 1-1 in the group stage (that'd explain why it was edited like that).

  • Jeff Lin
    Jeff Lin3 hónapja

    Great to see FW MMD and SwordArt

  • kenneth 0402
    kenneth 04023 hónapja

    Other people say: Why they always show faker? Even though in this year's MSI the SKT T1 didn't even get to qualify? Me: It's simple, the man is a Legend. Made the whole history of LoL Esports grown big and now it's time to show some respect, A.K.A respect the OG's. Faker, the legend himself represents the LoL in the fields of Worlds Esports. The man deserves respect because of his reputation and by doing this so means giving him a big mad respect.

  • Icy
    Icy3 hónapja

    I was hoping they would never use the song in any video. Its baaaaad.

  • God Jihyo
    God Jihyo3 hónapja

    Some of players cant play because of pandemic

  • pappa
    pappa3 hónapja

    Last 10 Sec ACT II or I from Valorant ! But Musics LIT

  • A Private
    A Private3 hónapja

    Faker Sadge Caps Sadge

  • Sleep Sleep
    Sleep Sleep3 hónapja

    Come on, Just release that theme song already

  • ya𝕓𝕠𝕪𝚔𝚎𝚗𝚝
    ya𝕓𝕠𝕪𝚔𝚎𝚗𝚝3 hónapja

    i feel bad for faker

  • SnugNap
    SnugNap3 hónapja

    time to get some popcorn and watch NA flunk out LMAO

  • عبدالرحمن القصير
    عبدالرحمن القصير3 hónapja

    nice servers btw

  • Hudson
    Hudson3 hónapja

    0:48 Red Canids 2017

  • Kalpesh Chavan
    Kalpesh Chavan3 hónapja

    "Anyone's Game" proceeds to not show a single NA player after committing to the line. To be fair I'm hoping C9 get to quarters at least, and then it gets spicy.

  • Trung Trần
    Trung Trần3 hónapja


  • 4243 jkhh
    4243 jkhh3 hónapja

    Seriously, why is there no EDG???

  • Vonreev Ontoy
    Vonreev Ontoy3 hónapja

    after this we will see VCT MASTERS 2!!!!

  • Glasses guy
    Glasses guy3 hónapja

    Rito is sure milking Faker.

  • Eliezer Merlos
    Eliezer Merlos3 hónapja

    Brtt tava ae 😋

  • BokiMen
    BokiMen3 hónapja

    trash game

  • Tomáš Lukšík
    Tomáš Lukšík3 hónapja


  • KobraMeow
    KobraMeow3 hónapja

    who is the champ on the thumbnail?

  • Diogenes Souza
    Diogenes Souza3 hónapja

    0:49 pain 2015 dioud?

  • Ahmed Awad
    Ahmed Awad3 hónapja

    This is what PEAK league of legends looks like AND IT COMES FROM EUROPE

  • Waxo Pez
    Waxo Pez3 hónapja

    they really know how to hype things up

  • Hieu Minh
    Hieu Minh3 hónapja


  • Frøst Bisquitte
    Frøst Bisquitte3 hónapja


  • 11 lê duy đức
    11 lê duy đức3 hónapja

    I hope the future of riot will have an event: gamers can create their own costumes

    DARK SHUTTLER3 hónapja


  • Marvin Raymund Popioco
    Marvin Raymund Popioco3 hónapja


  • Thầy ole solsa
    Thầy ole solsa3 hónapja

    Vì dịch mà gam ko đến được với MSI mất MSI với cktg năm ngoái rồi h lại đến năm nay

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima3 hónapja


  • Raúl Galindo
    Raúl Galindo3 hónapja

    do someones know the name of the song? ty

  • QiSheng Ou
    QiSheng Ou3 hónapja

    LPL First place

  • A7
    A73 hónapja

    I need full song!

  • Коротнев Егор Александрович
    Коротнев Егор Александрович3 hónapja

    What is music?

  • Dd Tg
    Dd Tg3 hónapja

    Gam Esports 😭😭😭

  • hardly known johnny
    hardly known johnny3 hónapja


  • Khoa Nguyễn Việt
    Khoa Nguyễn Việt3 hónapja

    What's this song's name? Or is it another masterpiece from Riot 🤯

  • antonio
    antonio3 hónapja

    Red Caninds aparecendo em 0:49, põe em 0.25

  • Johnpaolo Tabada
    Johnpaolo Tabada3 hónapja

    i cant believe u just marked fakers face with X 🙃

  • Jh
    Jh3 hónapja

    즙만 xo 둘다치는거 개웃기노 ㅋㅋ

  • ia_ae forezze
    ia_ae forezze3 hónapja

    The only way a team wins aside from damwon and rng is if damwon losses to rng in semifinal and rng losses to the winning team

  • Hoang Thanh
    Hoang Thanh3 hónapja

    Lại thêm 1 lời tiên tri

  • Totally NOT E-girl
    Totally NOT E-girl3 hónapja

    This makes me want to became a LoL E-sporter Yes, I'm a girl

  • Totally NOT E-girl

    Totally NOT E-girl

    3 hónapja

    @Krust Bruh I know, it's just weird for me, all the pro players are boys, you literally can't see girls on championships

  • Krust Bruh

    Krust Bruh

    3 hónapja

    Being a girl doesn't affect your gameplay

  • sg batua
    sg batua3 hónapja

    00:00 is it Kujo Jolyne?

  • Sleep Sleep
    Sleep Sleep3 hónapja

    Kinda sad we wont get to see G2 defend their tittle, but hey, at least Perkz is there.

  • Kai Pham
    Kai Pham3 hónapja

    không có Faker xem MSI chán lắm 😔😔😔

  • aaa
    aaa3 hónapja

    0:18 XO OX

  • void eyess
    void eyess3 hónapja

    white people are great

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov3 hónapja

    Cerified BANGER

  • B4ySeven
    B4ySeven3 hónapja


  • Yusuf Emre Doğan
    Yusuf Emre Doğan3 hónapja

    Anıl babacıım

  • hypers
    hypers3 hónapja


  • Kawaki
    Kawaki3 hónapja

    why are they crossing out doublelift and circling caps. Im actually so confused like not even the same role and hes been retired this whole season.

  • Kawaki


    3 hónapja

    @vang-tou Lee then use jensen?

  • vang-tou Lee

    vang-tou Lee

    3 hónapja

    @Kawaki because bjergsen didn't play against caps at msi finals? its not that hard to understand. If you ask why not jensen, because doublelift is the bigger face. They are using previous players who played in the past finals. X means lose, O means win.

  • Kawaki


    3 hónapja

    @vang-tou Lee but its like if your going to use a retired na player why not put up bjerg against him. Atleast same role lol

  • vang-tou Lee

    vang-tou Lee

    3 hónapja

    Cuz they fought and the circle won?

  • Krust Bruh

    Krust Bruh

    3 hónapja

    Fr tho

  • MSI PsyClone
    MSI PsyClone3 hónapja

    No Gam No MSI

  • Akali Jhomen
    Akali Jhomen3 hónapja


  • Nightbringer Yasuo
    Nightbringer Yasuo3 hónapja


  • Solo Berry
    Solo Berry3 hónapja

    dont worry, full version of the song is coming soon as the main song of this MSI.

  • Jerzy Jaminez
    Jerzy Jaminez3 hónapja

    Tiembla damwon :v

  • Team solomid
    Team solomid3 hónapja

    the last time LCS went to msi, they destroyed lpl and went to the finals. Hopefully they can do it again.

  • Ka FLX
    Ka FLX3 hónapja

    GAM Levi

  • Malé
    Malé3 hónapja

    Riot you are thiefs. Long live to chronoshift. Who is this Zed

  • Krust Bruh

    Krust Bruh

    3 hónapja

    Riot August said it wasn't a rioter just from what he says it's already obvious he's faking it plus the chronoshift developer already had a gun on his head with using old files frkm riot

  • Vu Lu the
    Vu Lu the3 hónapja

    No Vietnam no VCS :(((

  • Universal Sight
    Universal Sight3 hónapja

    ready to see performances

  • TH3 6Ow
    TH3 6Ow3 hónapja

    Please fix your client pls, full of bugs -_-

  • La Mishi Mish
    La Mishi Mish3 hónapja

    Ngl I thought MSI was for Mindless Self Indulgence and got super excited. :,)

  • Social
    Social3 hónapja

    so we just don't post song names no more? Come on bruh i need this instrumental, whom in the fRICK IS THIS

  • Douglas Campos
    Douglas Campos3 hónapja

    Podem printar rapeize esse ano o Brasil chega nas semifinais do MSI

  • álvaro marinho
    álvaro marinho3 hónapja


  • Micquan Dawson
    Micquan Dawson3 hónapja

    Lol 😂 y’all really need to move on from the skt legacy it’s been like years

  • Minh Đặng Ngọc
    Minh Đặng Ngọc3 hónapja

    277dislikes vs 17372likes guess the community chose to keep on playing this game

  • Gabriel :D
    Gabriel :D3 hónapja

    Every league player : This is exactly what i've been waiting for