Akshan: the Rogue Sentinel | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

Swinging in with a-vengeance, Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, seeks to revive his mentor using an ancient Sentinel relic.

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  • Angelo Rebong
    Angelo RebongNapja

    he looks like Jesus

  • Livron Arojo
    Livron ArojoNapja

    a whole new *WORLDDD!!*

  • RevivedSoul

    Breath of fresh with his personality and kit

  • Eliya Tsurkan
    Eliya TsurkanNapja

    this champion actually looks like me lol

  • Nacht PH
    Nacht PH2 napja

    Boss Kenshin 🤣

  • Jaybee Caranza
    Jaybee Caranza3 napja

    So basically akshan's weapon is the only counter to viego's domination? Is that a yes or no?

  • Seeing Smite
    Seeing Smite3 napja

    He's like 3 adcs in one but a mid laner

  • Rian
    Rian3 napja

    Assasin's Creed vibe over here

  • Mark Jun Yu
    Mark Jun Yu4 napja

    Shadya Bobs and Vagene

  • DeSean Saine
    DeSean Saine4 napja

    so at 1:36 he says "not you, not yet.." then mentions Shadyia? maybe thats another teaser for a new champion down the road? :D

  • Rayster Z
    Rayster Z5 napja

    hot daddy ❤️

  • Syed H
    Syed H6 napja

    One of the BEST champions from Riot in a LOOOONG time!

  • i agree
    i agree6 napja

    im sorry but every person on that team deserves to be fired.

  • Szumiącylas
    Szumiącylas6 napja

    ,,Let down your friends now, so you can avenge their death later" - Akshan

  • Edgyveggie
    Edgyveggie6 napja

    Dead game bad kit design.

  • Just another Atheist
    Just another Atheist7 napja

    Played a Game against this Champ, He is vulnerable to Burst Damage, Not as good as this video makes him out to be. He definitely needs Buffs, He is pretty weak, But his revival Passive though, You will be fighting for ages because he keeps re-spawning his Allies every 5 Mins.. The Longer your game against him, Lesser your chance of winning.

  • Poke Mon
    Poke Mon7 napja

    he remind me of raj from big bang theory

  • Wes T
    Wes T7 napja

    So in this video Akshan swings around in a complete circle at least 5 times. It doesn't actually work that way and most of the time you can't even go one full rotation.

  • Muhammad Helmi
    Muhammad Helmi7 napja


  • Just another Atheist

    Just another Atheist

    7 napja

    Lol Just ban her..

  • yuval amir
    yuval amir7 napja

    ye i dont whana play this game any more riot games ruin league

  • vokame
    vokame7 napja

    I am not allowing this lame champion into my games. Perma ban for me forever. I already dislike him so much that I don't even wanna play him. You know why? Because it's unfair to the enemy and that is boring...

  • Wahyudi Putra
    Wahyudi Putra7 napja

    Who Shadya 1:44

  • Just another Atheist

    Just another Atheist

    7 napja

    Future Champion..

  • Gansett
    Gansett7 napja

    league should make a classic mode where we go back to the first 100 or so champions, roll back champion reworks and some game mechanics. this game is so complex now

  • Dreckiger Dan
    Dreckiger Dan7 napja

    they are so out of touch with the playerbase its amazing

  • Harb Chan
    Harb Chan7 napja

    This hero looks amazing!

  • Capnskurk
    Capnskurk7 napja

    Broken champs again great.. lmfao

  • Viktoria Nagy
    Viktoria Nagy7 napja

    he looks like a sims 4 dude

  • OSASOB 007
    OSASOB 0077 napja

    Akshan is nothing but a cocky ezio auditore

  • Revolver
    Revolver7 napja

    There we go with the Fortnite aesthetic.

  • Main Marksmen
    Main Marksmen7 napja

    Someone at Riot likes Attack on Titan

  • RyddoTakakura
    RyddoTakakura7 napja

    So.... A male version of Qhira from heroes of the storm..?

  • Just Random
    Just Random7 napja

    ....So 86K upvote bots from tencent, 5.6k actual sane human beings and like 1k mouthbreathers.

  • Lukas Jensen
    Lukas Jensen8 napja

    Assassin's Creed + Batman = Whatever this goofy, Aladdin look-a-like piece of toxic trash is. I'm partly kidding, his kit actually looks awesome.

  • marcus vinicius
    marcus vinicius8 napja

    basically ranged rengar

  • Kalibanos
    Kalibanos8 napja

    Finally a stealth assasin!!! Thats just what the game needs!!!

  • Xerxa' Reth, The Undertitan

    Xerxa' Reth, The Undertitan

    7 napja

    Yessss, more stealth give us more stealth rito. They should really make summoner spell that gives stealth for the whole team

  • Sao
    Sao8 napja

    I hate that I love this game but one thing... Riot really knows how to do trailers/cinematics. This is so captivating and he is so charming.

  • Guitarmaster7272
    Guitarmaster72728 napja

    They thought we actually needed another invis champ...

  • Eiro Castro
    Eiro Castro8 napja

    Action > Aksion > Akshan Anyone?

  • Dong Kim
    Dong Kim8 napja

    Delete the champ, what is this? A kindergarten coming up with champ ideas? Why does each skill have so much passives

  • Xerxa' Reth, The Undertitan

    Xerxa' Reth, The Undertitan

    7 napja

    Because modernisation -devs who had cocaine for breakfast

  • N8Fox
    N8Fox8 napja

    Another humanoid. Give us a creature for once you are neglecting the void creatures and yortles.

  • Deathball9999
    Deathball99998 napja

    oh look and an invisible spiderman vayne/sivir thing. Cant wait to play against it every game

  • roxxerface
    roxxerface8 napja

    They should have made his ult Dynamite Vest or Suicide Bomber.

  • Ali Syed
    Ali Syed8 napja

    So Indian assassins creed?

  • Maui Wowie
    Maui Wowie8 napja

    Where are all the monster/beast/NOThumanoid champions at? Getting tired of exposed chest and abs all the time sheez

  • No One
    No One8 napja


  • 尿尿頂到小便斗
    尿尿頂到小便斗8 napja

    is this the assassin's creed origins new dlc? cant wait to play it

  • Sam Cov
    Sam Cov8 napja

    TRying to be cool like SMite.. but failed

  • Mercy GotNerfed
    Mercy GotNerfed8 napja

    A champ that can become invisible ? My melee champs not gonna like that :(

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius8 napja

    Man I really hope this is a joke, dashes for days, invisibility, 3 hit passive, crazy mobility, I mean do they want the game to be unplayable?

  • Filip Kunilo
    Filip Kunilo8 napja

    Crossover between quinn and assassin's creed

  • Dazzling light
    Dazzling light8 napja

    *This is it!* This is the time, if you wanted to quit League, the time has come!

  • sam cook
    sam cook8 napja

    Pathfinder: Using grapple!

  • Teamothei
    Teamothei8 napja

    so you just copied Qhira from heroes of the storm hey? hmm so cool

  • NCore
    NCore8 napja

    That music and accent is definitely the stereotypical Indiann one and maybe a bit similar to AC Origins but definitely different. Even his hairstyle is ancient Indian style and he looks Indian as well. As for the name, the first thing that came to my mind is that it's like an Indian name (Akshay) which is just a letter different from Akshan. The end scene with the hood can be a reference to AC games and there is an AC game called AC Chronicles: India. I can see people confusing his looks for Arabs as they and Indians have some similar looks but we still look and speak a lot different and that's definitely not a arab accent. The only persian thing I can see is maybe the clothing and that's probably coz AC Origins has similar dresses and is set in Egypt. I guess people are selectively ignorant nowadays.

  • Xavier Mejia
    Xavier Mejia8 napja

    does no one else think that the reviving thing is a little broken?

  • duy tran
    duy tran8 napja

    He defenitely an Indian!

  • AssassinXMod
    AssassinXMod8 napja

    Jeez hes charming like Rakan but more useful!

  • Julia Gabriella
    Julia Gabriella8 napja

    He could be the child of Kim Possible and Aladdin.

  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy8 napja


  • The BuffMan
    The BuffMan9 napja

    Finally a guy who kalista can fangirl over.


    for some reason it reminds me the Prince of Persia !!!!!! ( Only OG's know what am sayng ) !!!!!

  • Hongyuan
    Hongyuan9 napja

    When the designs ran out of creativity, they copied and pasted the past here and there.

  • Olivier
    Olivier9 napja

    Lots of mobility, stealth and can revive other champs when he gets kills/assists on their killers. Either this champ is broken or its nerfed to the ground with numbers no inbetween.

  • BoonkEdits
    BoonkEdits9 napja

    I think I might be the only person in the world who likes this.

  • KIKO
    KIKO9 napja

    Rebibe me Akshan

  • Ghassan ghassan
    Ghassan ghassan9 napja

    Seraphine stil exist (-_-)

  • NateO123
    NateO1239 napja

    So Riot, honestly, what is it about your game that makes you hate it so much and desperately want to kill to the point that you would make a champion that is this toxic?

  • Truth
    Truth9 napja

    It looks like he's an Arab Champ. I'm Arab and I've been playing this game for 12 years. I don't know why they don't put the Arabic language yet.? This is racist 😐❗

  • Fallen Shaw
    Fallen Shaw9 napja

    Way to much in his kit

  • Yasen Georgiev
    Yasen Georgiev9 napja

    Another busted new champ

  • SuperFlopp
    SuperFlopp9 napja

    was this cinematic made in the sims 4?

  • 34. ហាក់ មុន្នី
    34. ហាក់ មុន្នី9 napja

    weapon is a toy. wtf

  • water sloth
    water sloth9 napja

    yo rez's worked in overwatch lets add it to league and see what happens!!

  • Jameslawz
    Jameslawz9 napja

    Prince of Assassins: League

  • Raphael Tobar
    Raphael Tobar9 napja

    That feel when you know a teammate will do an epic rope swing then insta-die to their death.

  • Z_d6
    Z_d69 napja

    akshan: the new vayne (me who is already tired of vayne): WWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Maz
    Maz9 napja

    this champ defies the laws of league physics

  • Billy Lee
    Billy Lee9 napja

    League of Disney intensified

  • Jo
    Jo9 napja

    The sims vibe

  • KataSensei
    KataSensei9 napja

    New champ: **Releases** Everyone: oMg bRoKeN cHaMp nErF

  • 백승현
    백승현9 napja

    There's no way this is not assassin's creed. It has to be

  • Piotr
    Piotr9 napja

    Imagine a Quadra. This guy survives and kills you. And then resurrects all the people you have just killed only to win the game. W. T. F....

  • Smokey Bean
    Smokey Bean9 napja

    Persian Batman

  • Jakub Orlowski
    Jakub Orlowski9 napja

    How is this allowed to be in the game ??????????????????????????

  • Nathan Meier
    Nathan Meier9 napja

    This man is soo fine 😩😩😩😩

  • Adam Day
    Adam Day9 napja

    Delete him

  • Herobrineee ✓
    Herobrineee ✓9 napja

    Akshan --- july 23nd nerfed Akshan ---- july 24nd nerfed Akshan ---- july 25nd nerfed Akshan ---- july 26nd deleted

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova9 napja

    I saw the tiny thumbnail pic and thought it was a girl with a mustache. Do I need glasses or did someone else think that, too?

  • qpqp


    9 napja

    he looks girly

  • Антон Косцов
    Антон Косцов9 napja

    Another disney princess


    Where is my REVIVE??? AT LEAST PUT IT ON A LVL 3 ULT!!!

  • Disaster X
    Disaster X9 napja

    first time i get exited for a champ

  • a d
    a d9 napja

    perma ban kokoti

  • James Park
    James Park9 napja

    He's good even without the revive passive. Hope that the balance team gets rid of it or else he's going to be permabanned

  • Mikkonen
    Mikkonen10 napja


  • east west
    east west10 napja

    He looks like Ricky Rubio

  • punkmaster258
    punkmaster25811 napja

    Aoi of AOV seen Akshan's hook skill: First time?

  • punkmaster258


    10 napja

    @NAVA if you see Aoi's cable skill you'll see why. And she is almost 3 months older than Akshan when she was released

  • NAVA


    10 napja

    Why AOV? a lot moba on mobile

  • ahsaya misaya
    ahsaya misaya11 napja


  • Virat Tiwari
    Virat Tiwari11 napja

    Ohk So this character is related to indian ancient lol 😂

  • Gyeong Chan Kim
    Gyeong Chan Kim11 napja

    Have all of the good stuffs stolen from other AD carry champs + crazy mobility with cooldown reset + super easy team revival Fire Riot Jag this man is stupid as s***

  • Sick3
    Sick311 napja

    Male Vayne?